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    Who owns and maintains indiastudychannel ?

    Who owns and maintains indiastudychannel.I saw many college and study courses in this website.
    Who maintains this website.Is this website maintained by any college.Who is answering to my questions everytime when i ask.How indiastudychannel generates income.
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    For your ready information I copy and quote the first two relevant paragraphs civen under 'about us' in website.

    " was founded by 3 professionals from India: Tony John, Timmy John and Jose Mathew. ISC was started as a small academic project with a directory of major universities, colleges and courses in India.

    Over a period of time, ISC grew to the most popular educational website in India. In the year 2010, we received over 7 million page views per month and average 400 new members registered with us per day. ISC provides an opportunity for thousands of students to earn part time revenue through genuine revenue sharing programs."
    You may read more in about us.

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    I would like you and other interested members to visit the following forum thread and visit the various links given in posts by discussing members.

    History of ISC

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    I think Mr Venkiteswaran has already given the requisite details very nicely but I want to add some general things in this context. There are a large number of sites in internet which are providing information to the visitors or surfers and are earning some money through the advertisement display in their pages. It is obvious that more and more people come to that site, more the advertisement will be exposed to the customers and the visual marketing of the product or service will take place. A visitor will come back to site time and again if he finds good quality information there. That is the reason why the site editors or owners are concerned for the quality and content. In addition to the quality, volume is also a criterion because if some person does not find an information elsewhere but gets it here then that is a commendable thing and we all have to contribute here with that in our mind so that it becomes a niche site in educational matters.
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    The three great computer professionals or rather the webmasters namely John, Timmy and Jose had teemed up to create this great channel which was started as the chance and now grown up leap and bounds with over twelve and half lakh membership spread across the world. I have been associated with this site for the past 12 years and seen lots of changes made content wise and what I liked is the most transparent way the system has been designed and the members who become the follower would never leave the site. Now the site has been controlled and managed by our Managing Editor Vandana and ably supported by the battery of lead editors, senior editors and editors. The members would cooperate and coordinate with the editorial team in guiding the new members and thus we are now the leading site across the world.
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    ISC is owned by three brothers - Tony John, Jose Mathew and Timmy M John. They are the WebMasters of ISC
    Their company is 'Spider Technology' located in Kochi.
    ISC has got its sister sites too.
    There are over 10 lac registered members at ISC.
    ISC has a Managing Editor and a few Lead Editors and tens of Editors. They are also members of ISC.
    Questions are answered by the members.
    ISC generates income through ads placed on the ISC site.

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