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    Which of your imagining thoughts you want to become reality?

    Many times we imagine certain things to be like this or certain things to be like that but in reality, it may not be possible. But because of the improvement of science and technology, many things that we imagine are made into reality. With Artificial intelligence, Computer technology everything can be made possible at present. For example, easier methods to use solar energy to replace conventional thermal energy, with single body medical scan to identify and diagnose any pr-disease condition, any surgeries of the body made simple without physical or mechanical invention, etc. Many science fiction became reality. Some of the fiction movie ideas became reality after a lapse of time. Can you give some of your imagination that you want to become true in reality?
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    Daily we imagine lots of new thoughts that emanate out of our mind and also emanated from others. But all the thoughts may not be achievable and sometimes funny too. What we can do that make a sincere attempt on thoughts that are possible and at reach so that we can satisfy our immediate wants. And those which are imaginary and cannot be achieved is to be driven from mind so that we do not give credence to extra thoughts and work. One thing is sure as dreaming is good and that should be perfect and rechable.
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    There may be many thoughts to all of us and we may imagine many things. But how many from those will become reality. As of now, I don't have any thoughts or imaginations that are to become reality. But earlier days I have many thoughts and I was lucky enough to make them realities. What career I imagined, I had that career. How I want to lead my life, so far I am lucky enough to have the same. I always think that I will have a peaceful life in the coming days and I hope that God's grace will be there and I will have a peaceful life.
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    I always ponder over and imagine about the lack of opportunity for the poor people in this world. I will be happy if the world Govt chart out some plan where the poor can be supported by providing them a good job depending on their health and calibre so that hey can earn some money and have a normal life. They want to work but there is no work for them. So, they are forced to beg and once they become habitual of begging then it becomes an addiction and they remain in that path only. It is the duty of all the human beings to cooperate in this noble task and Govt can definitely achieve it through schemes which directly reach the poor.
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