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    Make a Study Plan for the Class X and XII Board Exams

    March-April is a crucial time for students preparing for Class X or XII Board Examination. As the exam is coming it is time for students to start their preparation well in advance. It is a good idea to prepare a study plan for the Class X or XII Board Exam. Students who study with a proper study plan can score more marks in the board examination.

    Most children experience some stress and fear during the exam period. Even though they are well prepared for the exam, the children are under pressure to think about whether they can remember everything, whether they can get high marks, etc. Just like students, parents will be under a lot of stress during exam periods. parents should give their children the courage to write the exam with confidence without being afraid of the exam. Parents should avoid comparing their children with other children. The marks in the exam may increase or decrease but the child should be convinced that it is not a matter of life. Make a Study Plan- Start your preparation fast and achieve a 100% score.

    (This is my entry for the TOW contest - Plan)
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    Very true said by the author. Examination period is considered as crucial period for many student. Especially, x board exam is turning point of student's career. So, definitely student would experience stress during exam. If we make study plan for board examination two months ago then mind would be set up. And we can face our examination without fear.

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    Making a plan and following the same will make our life easy. The same is the case with our studies also. Some students will go on postponing their studies till the last minute and get pressurised during the examinations. Because of that pressure, they can't prepare well for the examinations and their performance will not be as expected. I have seen students who start running here and there during the examination. That will make them suffer a lot. Their results also will not be as expected.
    But some students make a plan for their study and follow the same they will fare well in the examination. They should plan in such a way that they will have some free time during the examinations and they will not get pressurised and can write the examination peacefully. So planning is a very important issue for students also during their education,

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    An examination is part of life and is faced by everyone throughout one's life. For a student, it's every quarterly and for Xth, XIIth and degree course, it's their final year which opens their door to a brighter future. The first step is the board exam of Xth & XII which students face and is pressurised from every corner, say from parents, relatives, neighbours, society, school, etc and they get so much stressed that many get frightened about their preparation, scores, etc. Planning, scheduling or even making a time-table to cover the entire syllabus or portion leaving some time for revision is the first step but one need to follow it to cover their portion. It is not only stressful for children but even parents take the pressure and pester children to study all day which makes them more goad of the matter. It is always good to give some free time to children so that they can relax and get more concentration which will help them to prepare and score good marks.
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