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    What will be the impact of Release of sasikala from jail on Tamil Nadu Assembly elections?

    Within few months Tamil Nadu state facing Assembly elections. Many political parties are in the fray and want to show their supremacy in the elections. Sasikala, the close colleague of former late CM Jayalalitha got released from jail after 4 years of imprisonment. As a close colleague of Jayalalitha, Sasikala got some vocal strength in Tamil politics. Will her presence affect the result of the Tamil elections? Will people give importance to her in elections or summarily reject her corruption? Will BJP draw her and Dinakaran to their party to give a tough fight in elections?
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    Who is Shashikala ? We have forgotten her. So will be the voters of Tamil Nadu. She was proved corrupt and under going jail term. Tamil Nadu voters are not that fool to get bowled by her presence even if she was released and she was non entity now with lots of changes happening in TN. The fight would be between AIAMDK and allies and DMK and their supporting parties. If Rajnikanth tells his fans to opt their choice then BJP would be the beneficiary and that thing is going to happen on the eve of the elections. But where does the Congress stays is the main question in Tamil Nadu.
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    Whole of the Tamilnadu voters knew what happened to Ms. Jayalalitha, and who was behind her death. Yet Sasikala is a powerful lady who can buy the MLAs. EPS and OPS are not that strong enough to hold the party MLAs. Though they have managed for the last four years in governance, they are poor party managers. Therefore, we can see many shifting their side to Sasikala. However, it is not possible for Sasikala to contest election and become CM. Court cases are pending against her, and judgement awaited.

    If AIADMK allies with BJP for assembly polls, Tamil voters would ignore AIADMK and BJP and would vote for DMK and its alliance parties. Stalin is sure of becoming next CM.

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    By the time the election time comes things seems to change in TN as Kamala Hassan is keeping quiet and Rajni asked his party cadre to support those who seems fit. but the main fight would be between the two Dravidian parties. I do not think Stalin has the chance given his rival brother is going to create fuss during the elections and that may cost the DMK. One thing is sure the TN people are always given a chance for both Dravidian parties every term and then shift their preference. But this time the decision seems to be surrounded with Rajni and BJP who going to make big difference.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Shashikala is almost a forgotten case. I don't know how much influence she can exert on the voters. She can't get the same response what she was getting in earlier days. I don't think voters will have any confidence in her anymore. We don't know. We thought the same way in AP elections but a person who is having many cases against him and we have to attend the court every Friday won the elections. So predicting the voter's mind is one thing which can't be done easily. Anything can happen and she may become CM also. My personal opinion is that she will not make any big change in the mindset of the people.
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    While the lady was in jail for four years, her relative TTV Dinakaran formed a separate party AMMK (Amma Makkal Munnetra Kazhagam), and is maintaining it and has spread its wings in south Tamilnadu. There are many followers of his party. Sasikala is the President of AMMK, and TTV is the General Secretary. Yet, Sasikala states she is the party general secretary of AIADMK, the faction that has removed her from the party. How can she hold two parties, one as President of AMMK and one as General Secretary AIADMK?

    Ms. Sasikala planned to arrive in Tamilnadu on 8th February. There are many fence-sitting MLAs. She might try to pull the AIADMK party MLAs to her side. The EPS and OPS are spineless leaders who might surrender themselves to Sasikala and lay flat on her feet and say "Chinnamma, Please excuse us. We have done a great mistake." This is the attitude of the AIADMK leaders. In that case, Chinnamma might pronounce TTV Dinakaran as CM of Tamilnadu.

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    Politics is a strange game of power and opportunity. If a politician goes to jail it is not taken as a big thing as it is so common in our country. There are many who are still in jail and may not be released so easily as there are punishments for them for huge misuse of exchequers. Lalu Prasad Yadav is one such example. These people are so influential that they manage the things even from the jail. When they came back they are welcomed in such a fashion as if some soldier is coming after winning the war. The party persons will use their names as after going to jail in the politics a person becomes more known as those who were not knowing about them also come to know. So, right now it is difficult to assess the effect of Ms Sasikala's release from the jail but being a close colleague of late Jayalalitha she is an important person.
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