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    A plan is necessary before you start writing.

    Whenever we start a new work such as a job or a business or a new course, etc., then we do a lot of planning in the early days because we are new to that task. Initially, due to lack of experience, every little work has to be done by planning. After a few days, people are naturally committed to that task and then reduce making the plan. But here at ISC, we are all authors who come here every day with a new thought and we meet each other and the readers through our writings. In such a situation, the writer must plan his writing work every day.

    The plan is essential for all of us authors, whether the author is experienced or new. By planning, I mean that the author needs to understand that his/her thoughts and writing art are giving a message to others and this message can affect one's life both positively and negatively. The important thing for planning in writing is that the author communicates various aspects of life to all through his/her art of writing.

    When a writer starts his day with a positive plan, there is a glimpse of positivity in every writing he/she writes. It is our natural process to generate an idea for writing, but we should do make a plan for a detailed explanation about that idea. Every day when we start writing work, it should be started after, understanding the environment around the author, the mood of the author, and the seriousness of the idea ??of the author. Every time when the author makes a plan, he/she has to mold himself into the situation about which he/she is presenting in the writing.

    God has given us a writing art, through which we can take people towards the direction of positivity by our writing, so why don't we give the advantages of our art to everyone and do something in the interest of the people by making a good plan before our writing.

    This is my thread for Topic based TOW contest
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    It is necessary to plan a bit to be able to craft an eye-catching content and convey the message clearly to as many people as possible. While elaborating a point, it is important to elucidate the point properly so it becomes easy for readers to comprehend it. Writing a sentence or crafting a paragraph, planing is a crucial part to better articulate thoughts and unfold the details in the sentences and paragraphs. For an author, it vital to train his/her mind to be able to plane the content before he or she begins the work and crafts his/her writing. Without planning, writing could develop many defects- it may lose cohesion and the sequence of sentences and could develop many grammatical errors in the process. So, plan before putting down ideas and make it a masterpiece!

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    This is a well thought post and yes, before putting something in black and white we have to ponder a lot if we want to craft a good creative work. But it would not come spontaneously and it would not come otherwise also if we have not studied about the matter and had not already acquired that background knowledge that is essential to create a piece of effective writing. It takes time to acquire knowledge from various sources before one starts writing those things in ones own style. Except the new scientific and technological matters there is nothing new in this world and all the knowledge of past ages is there in our scriptures and other books rewritten subsequently by the great writers of those past times. We have to compile the available knowledge in our own ways and then present it as per the issue or topic on which we want to elaborate. Planning is definitely a crucial element.
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    As our elders suggests to think before what we do or intends to do. It protects us from committing any serious mistake which might harm us. Planning is an essential thing for success and success is not easy to get. It needs a well defined blueprint before work is carried out upon it.
    The author has focused upon this issue when
    we start our writing on ISC we should plan what to write and how to write. I agree with the author. When I have to start a thread I choose a title and think over the content for a few minutes which should fill space. But when I reply of any thread I dont think too much, after reading a thread I just start to reply as thoughts come in mind I keep on typing.

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    The author has raised a very pertinent point in relation to our planning while crafting any articles. Though it may take some time to concentrate on any issue. Again the relevant points are to be recapitulated to be incorporated in course of writing. The biggest hurdle in starting any contribution is the coherence of the ideas. We lack sometimes in that direction initially but soon the speed stabilises with the fresh pouring of ideas in the topic being written. We have seen many people closing their eyes for attaining better concentrations and of course such a posture works with the proper flow of thoughts essential to be penned down.

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    True. Planning is required for authors also. They should have a plan regarding how to start and how to progress the point and how to make a stop for the dame. He should also plan various points that are to be touched in the write-up. Some people call it a sketch. A sketch is to be made with all our thoughts and then go on making the final write up as per the guidelines. Without a plan, you can't just like that you can't start work. If you do that the outcome may not be what you want. So when you start planning and writing down your plan you will get new ideas and you will have a beautiful write up before you.
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    Yes, you need to make a plan for the things you are going to write. You are writing not only because you love writing but also because others are reading your writeups. You have extra responsibility here to make things very much clear to the readers. Whatever you are writing if it is not understood by the reader they will not go through your writing again. Before writing, make a plan by noting down the points you wish to discuss. You also need to arrange those points according to its importance and stick to it while writing. It all depends on how you planned and whether you executed it correctly.

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    The author has shared the natural behavior of any person who need to plan before sitting down to write. Some times out of experience and well versed with topic. we many not wait for any consultation of feed from others and we simply write what we know and what we presume. Even in ISC it has become habit for me to answer for any question raised here and I feel more elated when my answer happens to be the first response to that thread and thus my way of writing has grown leap and bounds. I am also comfortable with creating any new topic on the go and that comes through the life experience.
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    It is very essential for a writer to make his/her plan before writing anything. As we keep on posting our thoughts through our writing in this or other sites that are viewed by many, we need to make a concrete plan of what we are going to write, what impact it will make on others, what are we trying to portrait or pass, why are we writing this comment/post, etc. Our writing can be in any form like a three, comment on others post or thread, answer to others query, an article, etc but every word written has an impact not only on the one to whom it is concerned but on every person who reads or go through our comments. So as the writer has pointed out, one needs to plan his writing so as to give correct, positive, and apt information through his/her writing, not only on the ISC site but any online media.
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