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    A well justified request from a netizen. Your opinion and comments

    I have charged my mobile with a plan for 28 days. Government has ordered the service providers to stop the internet services to a particular area for a week.

    At this juncture, I am requesting the service provider to extend the validity of time period by seven days or to get the amount applicable for one week be reimbursed to me. But the service provider is not ready to extend the validity date or reimburse the money.

    I think, the customer is right in claiming it. What are your views/comments?
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    By opting for the plan it is expressly agreed with the terms and conditions and that are not changeable and the service provider can reject your request.
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    Can you specify the applicable clause in the terms and conditions?

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    In every contract there is a clause under the sub heading 'Force majeure'. I do not know whether it exists in this case or not. But the point is that this clause protects the interest of the contractor or the customer and says that in case of any unforeseen and disastrous situation which is niether caused by the service provider nor the customer then no one will be responsible for it and the service provider will not get any disadvantage based on that. This is slightly a complicated legal provision but helps the suppliers or service providers in times of natural disasters or other unforeseen situations. I have some idea about this provision but only some legal expert might help to explain it in much better way.
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    Whatever terms and conditions are I think your grievances should be heard. You may contact a lawyer for indemnity.

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    It is not my problem, but everyone's problem. It is not the service provider's fault or customers' fault. It is not any natural calamity or defective gadget of the customer. It is something purposefully forced upon the service provider by the government to implement for the customers to suffer.
    It is like cancellation of a show fully or partially for which we have bought the tickets, and eligible for a refund.

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    When we apply for recharge they will specify the last applicable date also. They will calculate the date from the date of starting and 28th-day date will be mentioned as the last date. So the last date is applicable and they may not extend that date even though there are some problems. Certain issues which are beyond their control may happen and make them fail in making the service as promised. All depends on the terms and conditions agreed between the customer and the vendor. So you have to see the service agreement which is agreed by you and accordingly act.
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