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    Have you ever went a Circus Show or Magic Show?

    Circus shows or Magic shows are most common in big cities and are good entertainers. At present we are not seeing much Circus Shows even in cities. In our city we used to have a Circus show every year in winter season. When ever this show comes to our city I never used to miss it even in elder age also. It gives great entertainment for 2 to 2.5 hours. In my childhood I used to observe amazing feats with wild animals like Lion, Elephants, wild dogs, etc. But later entertainment with these animals was stopped. Bike ride in a globe, walking a girl on a rope are very entertaining in these shows. Few times in our city, P.C. Sarkar's Magic shows were conducted but I am unable to go to these shows. But I have seen some good Magic shows conducted in my school time in my school and also in the organization where I worked.
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    I have never been to a circus show and I'm not even interested in such things but have watched magic shown during my school days. Often magicians visited schools to entertain with the magic and I also have watched a magic show. This show was surprising when out of nothing the magician was producing monkeys and children under a cloth and turning them into vice verse. I could not understand how this can happen. I felt this as a deception of my eyes.

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    Circus shows and magic shows were the great crowd puller in the past but due to stopping the cruelty to the animals and other issues, circus shows are reduced in numbers but magic shows are continuing. I had some interest in deciphering the magic tricks and I had seen many magic shows. They are not only entertaining but sometimes mind boggling also. Later on I came to know that some of the tricks were very difficult and required long practice and perfection before presenting it to others. In some countries the magicians have used modern technology and have made it more entertaining.
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    I have seen several circus and magic shows too but both are running in loss or at least are facing crisis to sustain. Nowadays I don't see any circus.
    I liked Jemni circus among all circus I have seen my life. Most of the circus have become a part of history now.
    I have seen some good magic shows. Most of the tricks are sleight of hands. Only a few items are performed by magic or mesmerism.

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    Circus shows have lost its charm due to animal lovers. As the government has banned the use of animals in circuses, we do not see any circus tents in our city. During my childhood, I never missed the circus in my city. Magic is a trick. I too wanted to see the magic shows of great magicians like PC Sarkar, but I was not fortunate to watch their shows. These days, I enjoy magic shows of foreigners on the internet. They are unbelievable, wonderful and great.
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    I have also seen a circus in my school days. After being grown up, I never went to any circus show. I used to like this show. But, now this kind of show has been shown rarely. Earlier, it was the best source of entertainment. But, now this profession is in danger due to the ban over using animals in the circus. Even today, the magic show is being shown in many places.

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    Three year back there was a circus near our house and we did visit and enjoy the show But many animals were missing due to strict central govt rules not to harass the animals for personal gains. The performers are also less and we can see the cost of one show maintenance runs into lakhs and the gate collection is not that good. This gives the indication that circus companies are facing loss and they cannot discontinue the shows nor take to further places as they need to be addressed and reached out. Many artistes are earning through success and their employment need to be protected.
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    I attended many magic shows and circus shows. But these days such shows are not seen anywhere. Last one year because of COVID 19 there is no question of going for such shows But before that also I have not visited such shows. I remember I gave gone a for circus show in 2015 and magic show before that.
    Slowly the people are losing interest in such shows I think. When there is no good response from the public people who are depending on those shows might have been shifted their area and might have got into other areas. The people in these fields have to take a lot of risks and they may not be getting the expected returns. That will make them lose interest in their jobs.

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