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    My budding doctor daughter had the vaccine today

    When there was some apprehensions about the veracity and the truth about the vaccines being given to the frontline doctors and health workers, my daughter who is studying her 3rd year MBBS was administered with vaccine today at their college and she was very much normal after the vaccine as she was kept for just 30 minutes observations for any reactions and then let off. Why I am sharing this because, the members of the ISC need not have any doubts and apprehensions about vaccines made in India and we can have it without fear.
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    Medical students are exposed to the hospital and medical college environment and that is a risky environment from the point of getting infection at any time so it is necessary that these students and the interns and specially the final year students who are going for their hospital training at the fag end of their academic course, should get the vaccine on priority. It is good that you have shared this valuable information here so that the doubt about the vaccine which has arisen there, due to various confusing and dubious posts in the social media, is resolved. I will like to reiterate that no vaccine is 100% effective and even if it is effective to the tune of 80-90% it is taken as excellent. In medical science there is nothing like perfection and we have to accept a useful thing along with its side effects. The whole Allopathic treatment is like that though that is thought to be life saving in many instances. Every medical system has its own deficiencies. Once they are within some acceptable threshold the drug controllers allow them.
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    I would appreciate your move and your inputs relating to vaccine administration would go a long way in allaying the fears of the common people. Your daughter being a student of medical is exposed to a vulnerable environment and due to this fact, it was essential for her to be vaccinated. She will feel more confident with the administration of the vaccine. Moreover, it would rather provide positive confidence to others in relation to vaccines who are under impression that side effects of this vaccine is invetible. This is one of the reasons for the people to skip this vaccination. This massage would wipe out the doubts of the common public.

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    As per the information shared with me by my friends and acquaintances in the medical and paramedical fields who have received the first dose of the vaccine, most of them experienced fever, headache and nausea for a few days. The side effects of this vaccine are not actually known and will come to light only after a few days because it is the introductory drive and we will have to actually wait and see. Since it has been tested and proved, one can be doubly sure that it will not be fatal but the other possible effects on one's general health cannot be ruled out.

    In this light of the facts, I don't think it would be prudent on our part to propagate anything for or against the vaccine but leave it to individual choices because the health condition and many other individual aspects may have different reactions.

    Glad to note that your daughter is keeping fine after receiving the first dose.

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    But the second dose was slated for 28th of this month.
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    Was your daughter aware of which vaccine it was? Currently, Covishield and Covaxin are being given, isn't it? Did she have to sign any consent form?

    I have also read news reports of mild side effects that may generally arise sometimes when any type of major vaccine is given. So I would like to know if your daughter did not feel even a slight feverishness or headache or get swelling or pain in the arm? In fact, since your daughter is a member of ISC, it would be good to get updates from her directly in a response to this thread.

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    I read in the newspapers that Indian Vaccines are 92% successful. Some mild side effects are there for some and may not be very serious and nothing to worry. But we have to wait and see for some more time to understand the real situation. But initial results are encouraging and many people are planning for vaccination. However, the first phase is going on and it may take some more days for us to know the correct position.
    In the first phase, all front line health workers are being administered with the vaccine. It is good that your daughter is norma and no problems after vaccination. I hope by hearing such cases people may get confidence about the vaccine.

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