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    Healthy plan for Future

    Firstly, Plan refers for Preparation to Learn knowledge to Acquire the Needs and to Achieve the New ideas. To reach our goal, planning is an essential tool in our life. We are planning to work for to enjoy our life with our family in a healthy manner and to help the needy people. Before making a plan we must acquire knowledge about the idea we conceive. Plan to be healthy to achieve goals in our life, we must do certain works as our grand parents did like cooking food in low pressure to maintain the calories and nutrients. During these days it is a difficult task for those who both the husband and wife are working. They can maintain health by avoiding junk food and fast food . Now a days some people had started shops and hotels to provide healthy and hygienic food for office working people. Another one is doing exercises regularly is also a best plan to maintain health. Besides achieving a higher study and getting a good job opportunity, maintaining a good health is also considered as a basic goal(need). That's why our ancestors said that, "Health is Wealth". They had made a good scheduled plan for us and for our future generation,i.e To. Eat seasonal fruits at the time of it's perfect season. They created festivels and fasting because to maintain our physical health that is not to eat meat,chicken and eggs during winter, Not to eat green leafy vegetables such as Alternanthera sessilis (ponnangani keerai), Fermented spinach (Pulicha keerai), etc. in rainy season and to reduce heat in summer they put a schedule to eat tender coconut, buttermilk,Lemon juice,etc.. So we must follow their scheduled plan to have good health and also we must guide our next generation to maintain the strong wealth that is nothing but our health.
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    It is a well known fact that health is wealth and if our health is not good then the whole the wealth of the world is of no use. In such a situation it is imperative that one has to be careful about ones health and whatever plan we make for future we must consider the element of the health also by considering as how our health will be affected during the execution of the plan. For example we can work day and night to achieve the objectives of a project but if we do not have proper sleep then that schedule will affect our health which will be a negative thing in our lives.
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    It is the fact that everyone of us are more worried about our secured future, how the family would with stand the challenges of the life and how the present salary would cope up to cover our medical help. Surely the cost of each ailment is running into thousands and the medical insurance has become must. If the planning for good health gets failures then nothing can be done. From children point of view we should give them the secured life and they should feel guaranteed that family bonding would be good in the present and future with great planning.
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    I agree with the author that planning is very important in our life. But the author has mainly focussed on plan about healthy diet. I don't think that our forefathers ever heard about vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, proteins etc terms which a good dietarian focusses upon before taking his meal. What information I have collected about my forefathers is that they would get up early morning, they were disciplined in doing their work on time. Their life was very simple. They would like to eat simple food and seasonal fruits and all of them were healthy. Now, we have lots of information about how to have good health.What nutrients are required for a healthy body etc. Our forefathers did not know what was smack, brown sugar, heroin etc, today's generation is involved in drug education which kills them slowly. Even those who are indulged in drugs are aware of their harmful effects, nevertheless, they are taking deadly drugs. Where are we heading to?

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    Health is indeed very important in our life. Without health, we can't achieve success in life. Health-related problem is increasing day by day. In such a situation, it is necessary to make a plan for keeping our body healthy. So, we should take a balanced diet along with regular exercise. We should work in a planned way as many of us do work continuously on the cost of health. As a result of it, they are the victimised of many diseases. Moreover, we should avoid health hazard item such as drug, cigarette, wine etc. Only then, we can be able to keep our body healthy.

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    Health is a very important factor for any person to lead a happy life. If the health is not supporting us we can't do anything in our lives and we will be away from happiness. So one should plan his lifestyle in such a way that his health will be always normal.
    The food we eat and the workout we carry out and the other habits should be planned so that we will have good health. Some people eat as they like and get sick. But some carry their homemade food even when they go out also and see that there will not be any health issue.

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