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    Does a person really tell the truth in anger?

    We are always taught that we should not get angry because in anger we do our own harm. Elders always explain to their youngers that if you get angry then try to keep yourself calm, do not say any wrong words with anger, many people will tell you different ways how to control anger but we all know that until a person does not want to own, his anger cannot be eradicated. It is often heard that when a person is angry, he speaks the truth. But does it really happen? Because many times some people say anything when they are angry but they do not feel so or do not want to do so. After all, how much truth should be considered by a person who speaks angrily? Members, please share your opinions about it.
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    Truth would bound to come out for two reasons. If the person is tortured with the third degree method by the law enforcing agencies and through the anger outburst which comes automatically from the inner heart when the person faces series of setbacks in life and that frustration would brings the truth to the fore. And if that person curses during that anger time even the God has to listen to the command and grant the curse because none can tolerate repeated non compliance to expectations and thus justice is done. Why people resort to stir and protests, not because to get the attention but to mend the ways of those thinkers who are not in sync with ordinary thought process. But when a person is in hunger and his out burst of anger would be further furious as the past non achievements would also come into fore.
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    Anger is an enemy. It snatches our thinking power, manners, reasoning, good senses. When someone is angry he doesn't control over his tongue. He begins to speak senselessly and babbles rubbish endlessly. He does not think how he is hurting others by his rubbish talks and unhealthy manners.
    The author has raised an issue if an angry person speaks truth when his anger overpowers his brain. Sometimes, he speaks truth because he is not thinking what is to be spoken as he does not have any control over his tongue. In this situation he speaks some bitter truth which he will not utter when he is normal. But mostly, he speaks senselessly.

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    Anger is never desirable. It will be our enemy and we may lose many points due to anger. That is why our elders say that our anger is our enemy. But many people say when we are angry we will spell out facts even though we want to hide them. They will come out unintentionally from our mouths. So it is always better to keep silent when we are angry. It is very difficult. What are the deeds we perform when we are angry may result negatively?
    People who want to get the truth from the other person will try to see that they will get angry. In an angry mood, the other person may tell the truth. This is true many times.

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    Don't people tell the truth when they are normal? A habitual liar may tell the truth when angry otherwise, there is no such relation between telling the truth and being angry. Some secrets may come out during anger because anger is an emotional state and when people are emotional they lose their sense of presence. They cannot differentiate between right and wrong, their mind remains clouded and they may do whatever they like to do at that moment. Now is it possible to know what is true and what is lie if it is not universal? When I am saying something and you have the experience about that topic then only you can decide whether I am telling the truth or not. Otherwise, it's quite difficult.

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