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This thread is the Co-winner of the topic-based TOW contest for Jan'21.
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    God's master plan unfolds gradually

    Every creature, small or big, remains alive on this earth till Almighty wants. Let's consider the human beings, the supreme creation of God, who have umpteen plans regarding different facets of their lives. It can be about the meal, dressing up, education, career, holiday trip, organising a festival, marriage ceremony, purchasing a house or a home decor, and for all other moves in our lives, there goes some planning. Even for hatching a conspiracy, one needs to chalk out a plan. Planning for any action, good or bad, either can be full-proof or not. It can be a simple or a detailed groundwork, but a plan is a must for any required action. Well, the question is, can we be sure about the outcome of all that we propose to do?

    Leave aside the most meaningful events of human lives, and only consider everyday life from waking up to going to bed. We do our work wholeheartedly but sometimes fail miserably. There are times when people misunderstand us for no fault of ours. We wake up early as a part of time management, but all on a sudden, an incident occurs which upsets the whole schedule. Whom to blame for all such occurrences which were not at all in our plan? Seems to be there is the hand of an invisible, isn't it so?

    God carves everyone's life with a fixed plan that is His master plan and, at the right time, He either makes or breaks one's life with a masterstroke. We all can have unlimited plans but are unaware of what is in our destiny. At times planning for a child results into the birth of a child or even twins, but sometimes abortion occurs. Even an assassination bid gets foiled while massacre too takes place. Life is so unpredictable. We all can plan, but its fulfilment depends only upon the Lord's master plan charted for each individual about which we have no clue.

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    Nice write up from the author connecting to the tow topic and a sure shot winning entry. God has been tabulating every Individual of his good traits and bad behavior towards others and even given the chance to change the stance. But people who does not believe in God's existence feel that they are alone decider of their destiny and work and thus indulge in such things which hurt others and cause loss. One thing is sure God gives lots of time for the human being to repent and correct himself but that is not realized often and thus the God has no other option but to give the disease and through which he try to realize the bad deeds of past and repent for the pardon. Still if the person is stubborn and wont mend then the death is the last resort and the person would eventually die. So the karma follows the person through the life.
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    The narration by the author reminds me that man proposes, God disposes. Yes, it is very true that all our plans are subjected to so many factors and we do not know with surety whether we will get success in that or not. Sometime little efforts pay us while other times we go on doing hard work but no result. In our scriptures it is very clearly mentioned and I would again like to highlight it that our duty is to work sincerely and with zeal and we should not bother for the results. If the results are favourable take them as the gift from God and if not then forget about it and start a fresh and concentrate in other important tasks that are to be carried out immediately. There is no point in worrying about the things that have gone wrong due to whatever reasons. We should not stop our efforts because without that nothing would be there. Work is worship and only solution to happiness in life.
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    The author has said it very correctly. We all have a life connected with a superpower and the same superpower is keeping a plan for our life. We know this superpower by the name of different Gods. Many times the situation comes when we get frustrated and most of the question comes in the frustrated mind why God wrote this in our destiny. But we do not understand that if something wrong has happened today, maybe something very good will happen in the future. When we have full faith in God, we believe that God is taking our life in the right direction, then sometimes some miracles happen in life that increases our trust even more. God has made us so capable that we can reach our goal by following our life big and small, but even bigger than this, God has made a master plan which keeps on giving us surprise from time to time.

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    Unless otherwise the support and acceptance from HIM are there we can't do anything.
    Once we planned a tour for a marriage function. The place of that function is very near to our place of residence. They are nearby. So all our family members thought that we can have a different plan to travel to that place. In our village, there was a nice bullock cart and the owner is a friend of my father. So we forced our father to ask for that cart so that we can travel in that cart. Everything was ready. we got into the cart and the travel started. Within 5 minutes there was heavy rain and the bullock waa not able to move. That rain made our travel cancelled and we couldn't attend the marriage. We thought we planned everything and we will enjoy the travel. We also thought that we can see all our relatives also. But HIS idea is different. He made us stay back in the house. That is why we don't know what is there in the offing. We think we can plan and execute everything as we want. But ultimately the destiny will decide what has to happen.

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    A good thought write-up for the TOW month-end word 'Plan' as we all know that we all have plans and do keep our plan every day. Our plan can be of getting up early, studying a chapter or subject, writing a good article, reaching office or college on time, completing our work, assignments or report on time, meeting a meet-up plan with friends, preparing for an examination, interview, work or any events, buying anything new for self, friends or family but as mentioned, just if we are not able to work out it correctly or on time, we blame our fate, luck, circumstances and even our nakshatra but we fail to understand that every plan is well made and executed by the supreme power called the 'Almighty'. We may call him by different names but God's master plan comes in its correct time and unfolds gradually. So always have faith and trust in him so that everything works properly and according to the plan that we make or plan to make so that we may be able to make a better and real plan which comes from the master plan of God/Almighty.
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    A good thought and well written.

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