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    Larger conspiracy to defame India and dethrone the govt

    The law enforcing agencies have investigated and found that there has been deeper and larger conspiracy to defame and dethrone the govt at the center and some Individuals and organization spread across the world are working through social media instigation and that was even supported by Icons and celebrities. This proves that India has been targeted for the good moves in recent past and we the people in the interest of our nation should stand firm and subvert all those who are grouping to defame us for no reason.
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    No Govt is perfect when judged from the governance angle and it is a relative assessment that who is doing better than whom. The present Govt is determined to crack the drug mafia, child trafficking, terrorism, illegal business activities etc and all the problems we are seeing happening under the garb of opposition rallies is that only. Those who are affected by the investigative policies of the present Govt are actually funding all these agitations that we have been witnessing in our country for last few years. The administrative machinery below is same that was there in our country for the last 73 years and only the ruling party and top leadership has changed. Now, how we are going to reform the administrative machinery and make the people happier is to be seen and that is a big challenge for this Govt. Opposition is seeing opportunity in this because the supporters of their agitation are having a lot of wealth accumulated during the last so many decades and they do not mind spending it to dethrone the present regime.
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    For the opposition this situation is blessing to corner the govt.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    It is not a conspiracy but a mishandling of the situation by authorities to maintain peace in the country. Not paying heed to the growing dissent among people in the country and world is prompting people to take the centre stage of the protest.
    To shut the mouth of critics, it would be better to settle the issue with the protesting farmers and reach an amicable solution. Instead of using oppressive tactics, the authorities should listen to the people with an open heart and mind and address the issue. Govt's failure to unfold the people friendly policies has resulted in the disruption in the country and growing protest has taken the world stage with foreign entities voicing concern on the situation in India. Dissent doesn't mean to dethrone the Govt. , it only makes democracies stronger provided authorities allow such an atmosphere and stop witch hunt in the country. If authorities call genuine demands and voices anti-nationals and terrorists, it is possible voices across the world will step in to endorse the demands of the people In the country which some feel a conspiracy to topple the Govt.!

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    The adamant attitude of the farm unions is the evidence that the protest is backed by vested parties to defame and dethrone the government. Despite the invitation to peaceful discussion, Supreme Court's formation of a special committee, the governments suspension of the act for 18 months have been just ignored, and they are insisting on only one word 'Repeal'. The present government is not a weak government to yield to the pressure of the farmers. The government has the support of the true farmers of this country.
    The investigation is on to probe the International conspiracy to bring out the forces behind this protest. They will come to light very soon.

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    Who are conspirators behind this scheme? Their names should be highlighted. It will be appreciated if the author or any other member highlights this issue in details. I disagree with this opinion that government has any danger to be toppled by any protest or propaganda on social media. Government is always strong.
    Perhaps none of the members who have a similar opinion is watching what is going on in parliament. I have been watching it. One member raised an issue and cited British India which had implemented farming-related acts (Punjab Land Colonial Act 1900, Doab bari Act 1906, The Colonial Act 1906) in the country but when farmers protested against those laws the then government repealed those laws, he asked the government if they are worse than Britishers?
    Ghulam Nabi Azad said, "Government is appealed to consider farmers' demands. New laws may again be discussed in parliament and a committee may be constituted to consider their pros and cons. The government should show kindness and broad-mindedness towards protestors."

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    Some organizations in Canada and even the relatives of US vice president seems to be supporting.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The agitation by the farmers has attracted world attention. Recently the tweets by singer Rihanna and Greta Thunberg, on the farmers' agitation and the internet shutdown there, sparked a worldwide reaction. on Twitter. Rihanna is a renowned singer and Greta Thunberg aged 18 years is a climate activist and nominated for the "Nobel Peace Prize" for two consecutive years 2019 and 2020. They have a lot of following and their tweets caused an immediate reaction on Twitter. Greta Thunberg in her tweet suggested a toolkit for the agitating farmers. Now the Delhi Police filed an FIR against the creator of the toolkit and not named Greta.
    This and the reactions on Twitter made the Government of India immediately issue a statement. Now it is claimed that there is an international conspiracy to defame India and the BJP. The cricket celebrities and Hollywood supporters of BJP swung into action and countered the tweets. Some of the tweets are copy-pasted and there were many funny comments on their copy-pasted tweets.
    The niece of the Vice-President of the USA, Meena Harris also tweeted about the agitation. Now the supporters of the BJP are very much perturbed and suspecting a plot to defame their favorite leader. The American Government also commented on the peaceful agitation and the right of the agitators to the internet. It is really funny that two tweets caused so much uproar and unprecedented reaction by the government, the ever-faithful supporters of BJP. If there is a conspiracy as claimed, the Government will take care of it in its own way.

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    Maybe. Facts are not known. When somebody is doing a good job. there may be many people who wanted this person to lag behind. The ego of the people makes a lot of difference. There are many countries who never wanted India to come up. I can't name them but I heard that many are having a sour eye against us. They want the country shou;d not progress. Indians should face such people boldly and see that we all will be noted for the progress of the country. But it is unfortunate that some other person will halt our progress. If opposition and ruling party work together in the areas accepted we can see good development in the country. We should not get into unnecessary problems by giving importance to personal gains.
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    Without fire there is no smoke and we can agree that there must be some concerns of the farmers which the Govt must resolve. The only worry is that many elements who are not farmers but in the name of the farmers have joined this agitation and giving it a different turn and investigative agencies are already in the process of finding certain links of these people with outside agencies and that is a serious issue. How an agitation which is an internal matter of our country can be funded by outside agencies. It is just like the same case as has happened in Kashmir where many terrorists were infiltrated from outside and were supported by other countries. These things are definitely irritating the Govt as well as the general public.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Some organizations or some people can destabilise our country or can topple our goverment.?

    Do you think india is too weak?

    Who told you all this ?

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    The present problem is within a family called India. There should be no interference from outside bodies. It might take time, but we will solve it. Within India, the farmers are misled and misguided by the opposition political forces who are supporting the protestors. Neither the Indians nor the government is weak. The government has the support of 90 percent understanding Indian farmers. If required, all the Indian farmers would protest against the misunderstanding of Punjab and Haryana and UP farmers.

    Ignore the tweets and tool kits of the foreigners. They won't affect our government or the people.

    No life without Sun

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