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    Shrinking employment opportunities in the shadow of the emerging technologies

    Due to scientific and technological advancements, new methods of getting a task done are being invented. Companies and business houses are seeing a new dimension in keeping their data in the cloud server storages and doing cloud computing and getting rid of the hassles of keeping big computer facilities which of course require a lot of maintenance also. So new businesses and services are emerging in the modern era for enabling the organisations to do their work quickly and efficiently with less manpower. Robotics based on AI is getting popular and customers are preferring robotic experiences in all those places where earlier they had human interactions. Many problems are getting resolved in online mode only without any across the counter interaction. It is all rosy and nice to see such developments around us but as is said we have to pay cost for everything and all this development has an associated downside in terms of the employment of the people and employment opportunities are shrinking. Machine is doing better than the humans so why I should employ more person to do the same thing manually? Is the emerging situation not a fearful one? What do the members say?
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    Good thread initiated by the author which needs to be discussed and deliberated. There has been tussle between job opportunities and new scientific inventions which are going against the interest of those who are aspiring for jobs. For example some restaurants are engaging the services of the robot to serve the customers and though the machine cannot talk and show the facial expressions which ought to be needed dealing with customers, yet the hotels have proffered and waiters who are supposed to get those job opportunities are sent back home. I think the hotel is the loser here as for the fun of having the service with robot may be temporary but in long run in the absence of interaction the customer would feel detached from the hotel and thus would stop visiting in future and thus the hotel has to call back old employees.
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    This question is being discussed since the invention of computer and the world has been watching it that how machine has affect employment. Unemployment graph is going up worldwide. Man is reliant on machine than manpower, the reason is that machine can work more than human being, and most important aspect is that machine does it for long hours as it is instructed . This is why it performs accurately, there are no chances of mistakes also if instructions are clear and well defined. Machine does mistakes if operator gives wrong information to machine.
    Man's world is facing big crisis by spread of machines. Artificial intelligence is defeating human intelligence. Creator of machine is facing a big challenge from his created machine. People have hypothetical question about expansion of machine in all walks of human life that what is going to happen if machines completely replace humans, in this situation if man will become a slave of machine?

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    Machine was invented to make our jobs efficiently within the alloted time for the same. We were not aware of the fact these machine would ultimately replace the manpower. These machines are capable of outperforming the jobs assigned to them and its inventor would be looser in the race of performance. The creator did not visualise the side effects of its creation. However, the positive part of such deployment is these machines can penetrate to such areas where human acess was almost nil. As for example of taking samples from the nozzles of Blast Furnace to ascertain the chemical composition of the different constituents. They should be seen as the job facilitators of human being. After all they cannot surpass human brain where innovations are the main business.

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    Technological developments are making our lives easy. We can get more and more comforts in our lives due to these developments. Because of these developments, we are leading a happy life and enjoying life. But there is a feeling that employment chances for human beings are coming down. It may be true to some extent. But new jobs will get created and there may be a shift in the skill set required for the humans. So one should see the area in demand and try to get a qualification which will give them a job in the nitch area.
    Now electronics, computers and similar fields are in demand. So people should try to get the qualification in those areas. More people are getting the items online and hence there is a demand for delivery boys. So one should learn driving and try to get a two-wheeler so that they will get some employment. One should not hesitate to use innovative ideas and start their own business so that they will have earnings and they can provide employment to some others.

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