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    Unable to upload image as an attachment

    Dear ISC,
    I am not able to upload an image as an attachment to my thread. I tried many times but failed. It is taking me to an error page. Is there any problem? Is it only for me or for all ISCian? Will ISC look into this problem?
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    Sun, the admin will be requested to check out whether there is any technical problem. Hope it is not related to the issue of the size of the photo. Also, though you do keep uploading photos, I was thinking whether the solution you arrived at through trial and error, which you mentioned in a response to this old thread, could be of any help.
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    Sorry Saji,
    I tried my best. It is still taking me to error page. Something wrong. Need to be checked by Webmaster.
    I wish to know from other members whether they are also facing the same problem.

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