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    April fool’2021 day Prank event you are Planning for.

    April 1st, known as All Fool's Day, is a day for Celebrating practical jokes, hoaxes, tricks, pranks etc. with others. April Fools' Day dates was started from 1582, when France switched from the Julian calendar to the Gregorian calendar. It is celebrated in several countries by different cultures, though its exact origins remain a mystery for everyone.
    Besides others countries it is also celebrated in India since long with full of Joy on every year on 1st day of April . It started from the childhood classroom by some Childish Pranks with the Teachers in which all of us were enjoyed with a fear factor also. Afterwards this continued with the friends ,relatives, outsider and also at Home. Moreover all are enjoyed on this day and invented different types of Prank that will attract everyone with sorrow even a smile on face. Now share your thinking to celebrate the day and related pranks and also its important in modern life. Thanks.
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    I have actually never heard about someone planning pranks to be executed on the 1st of April. And even if some planning is to be done, I think it is too early to do so. Pranks being played on someone on the April Fool's Day is just for fun and it is not a big event that requires so much of our attention. Moreover, I don't think people, other than maybe kids, are much interested these days in resorting to such tricks.

    The author could have waited till the last week of March for raising this thread. Anyway, let it be discussed.

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    We have lot many days to reach the April Fools Day. (23+31) Yet 54 days have to be passed to think about fools day pranks. In the past, at ISC, I had a prank and enjoyed it. I Will get you the link on the Fools Day.
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    All fool's day may be a fun planning for the author. I don't even remember this day to fool others. What is the point in telling a lie to someone and then begin to grin when he is deeply disturbed. I have seen some people played some serious trick with some people which harrassed them a lot and when these stupid people found them worried, then began to laugh.
    Who started it must be a useless fellow. But if the author or other members like this day to celebrate they have full freedom.

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