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    Planning is essential for success

    Random decision doesn't result in success. Meticulous planning is an inalienable and irrefutable reality for success. This is why it is almost impossible that someone exists on this planet who has never planned in his whole life, nevertheless he succeeded.
    Comprehensive planning for any important issue pertains to individual, social, official, business, warfare, political etc plays a fundamental and vital role to succeed . Whether it is the matter of how to run a home or how to educate children or choosing career for them or planning about any visit to any function or planing to visit any hill station for spending holidays, comprehensive planning is necessary. Companies , firms , business organisations make plan; and all governments make plans too. Planning is the focal point for all and sundry pertaining to all epochtal activities.
    If you have ever observed animal kingdom, even they do planning. How a lion or a tiger plans to hunt its prey or a bird collects its provision. I noticed different activities of ants like how they move in a systematic way or they carry their food or dead insects or how they divide their responsibilities etc.
    We would have read a fable about an ant and a grasshopper. It's evident how an ant makes a plan for future and it collects its provision before rainy season but grasshopper doesn't make any plan for future.

    It is the responsibility of the teachers to teach their students to be desiciplined and also they should be taught how to make a perfect planning for their study and how to plan for examinations.
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    True and I agree with the author. Doing things randomly may not result in the desired outputs. Meticulous planning considering all finer details will give us more chances of getting the desired output that too if we implement the plan in the way it is expected to be implemented. But sometimes even after doing everything also the output may be different. That will be left as destiny. Improper planning and ad-hoc approach are not supposed to be followed by any individual.
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    It is said that working without plan is working in blind. Most of the times unplanned working takes us to a blind alley where there is no way to come back also. Planning is the essential thing for undertaking a task properly and in its entirety. When we go for a journey we plan so many things but due to space considerations we review our plan umpteen number of times and take the necessary items only which are useful during the journey and also after reaching at the new place we will be comfortable with it. Some people plan very meticulously and reap its benefits also.
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    The author is absolutely right. If every work is done with planning, then man does not even know how much amount of time and energy he can save and this energy makes him more successful in his work. A person should learn this thing from weather, nature, even animals. Nature also runs according to plan and it never breaks its plannings. When an animal attacks its prey, we have seen that for a long time, it observes its prey and then plans and attacks at a certain time so that its hard work is not expressed. It is easier to do any work by planning than without planning.

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    It is practically not possible to attempt something without a plan. The process is to be pre conceived and pondered well before starting otherwise it would simply be a wastage of time and efforts. Big projects are always conceived with great plans. It is also true that for getting success in a particular project or task the plan should be of high quality and should contain alternatives and options at various nodes.
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