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    Is it wise for governments to provide free housing schemes in individual plots?

    One of the promises made by political parties to poor people is free housing schemes. We know at present situation free land available in cities or towns is very limited. But governments without thinking about future are giving free houses individual plots. For example, in AP lakhs of applicants from poor were given individual free plots for house building. If this program continue like this, people in the future face severe constraints in house building. If Apartments were constructed for these free house schemes, lot of land will be conserved. Why there is no alertness from Center or from elite with regard to this issue? What do you think about it?
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    I agree with the author. In Hyderabad, the government is giving apartments only. Probably this is due to the cost of the land there. But in Andhra Pradesh, the government is not having any plan or thoughts about the development of the state. The CM wants to be in power by giving free gifts to the people. That state is going to become backwards shortly. There is no proper planning by the government for the development of the state.
    What are the sources of Income? What is the expenditure and how is that we plan our resources. The AP government will never think about these issues. They distribute land and wanted votes. A lot of violence is seen in the state now and how the elections will be conducted is not known.
    Giving free apartments to really required people may be ok. But many rich people also getting the benefit with false declarations and really required people are not getting benefitted.

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    Giving a plot and house to the needy people is too much of the generosity and I would say is something like overdoing in excitement of helping to the poor. It is like making an orphanage centrally air-conditioned. It is not required. A flat in the multi storied complex is more than sufficient for the purpose. These are all a type of appeasement only and the future Govt will be in problem when they will not be able to match with these intentional benchmarks. That is why we need good advisors at the top and intelligent and visionary leaders to use that for their development work and rule the country.
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    Good suggestion coming forth from the author and when NTR was the CM the free housing plots were given to the poor ad-measuring 80 yards and that legacy was continued by other govts. But what I feel that those beneficiaries who got the land have either sold them to others and seek land from next govt. Thus their demand is going on increasing and the housing needs are not addressed . Having seen this draw back the KCR govt in TS has started group housing on the big land and constructing them as flats. All the slums across the Hyderabad were slowly changed to the construction of flats and thus the poor are going to get the dream house for sure. This way Hyderabad soon to be slum free and that is what the intention of the TRS govt. Hope AP also emulates the same program of giving free house and not plots.
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    The Scheme is aimed to provide toilet in each and every household in the rural areas and ... community toilets to make open defecation free with availability of land. ... any other scheme of the Government, housing society, Corporation or Bank.

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