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    A housewife has to plan in advance for managing the household activities effectively

    Housewives are generally entrusted with the duty of managing the household especially kitchen in any family. That might look like a simple job but it is not so. Those who are managing the household affairs like buying the grocery and provision items, clothes during festival season, keeping a monitoring on the inventory of consumable items in the kitchen so that timely replenishment can be done, keeping a track of general utility items in the house and their availability for the family members, keeping alive the socialisation aspects and entertaining the guests, and many such responsibilities which are an integral part of the household activity.

    Everyone looks up to the housewife for everything in the house whether it is a handkerchief or changing of the bedsheets and curtains periodically and get them cleaned in time. If the housewife does not keep a track of the things and do not do her homework properly then she will be in great trouble as every family member will simply blame her for her deficiencies or shortcomings. She has also to decide as what things she would like to do and what she wants to give to the maid servant or any other help in the house. So, in essence the housewife has to plan her work and schedule the expected events in the coming week in such a fashion that there is no bottleneck anywhere and everything goes on smoothly. Then, how can a housewife do it? Some of them use a wall calendar to note down certain things which are required, like list of items in connection with buying goodies from the provision store, gas cylinder change date and next booking, payment to servants if any, making a note of some religious or social function etc. Some others keep a copybook to note down the things so that they do not forget them. Nowadays many of them are tech savvy and use their smart phone to note down important things and reminders in memo or notes utility in the mobile phone. So, all these things require time and of course varying amount of planning for various activities to synchronise with the schedule in a typical household. A housewife who can plan her activities in a precise and adequate manner would reap the benefits of planning at the time of execution.

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    Yes, nice topic as we see it in every family. In the house there are no budget ,no inventry recording system, no stock assessment tips, no safety stock maintaining tips but all are well maintained in the mind of a housewife. It is as big as a Business Enterprises but all are going silently by minimum transactions on monthly based. Hence Housewives should be the successful Manager and Planner. Thanks for such resource.
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    The author has chosen a very natural trait of any house wife who need to plan in advance as to what would be the probable expenses for the ensuing month. While the husband earns and give all his earnings in the hands of the wife, it is she who plans well as to whom to give what amount, what has to be postponed and what has to be discarded this time. All these goes into meticulous planning from the house wife much to the appreciation of the husband and other members of the house. Even in austerity and less amount of salary some house holds has the knack to save money for the future and that is the great trait. Some times I used to get baffled the way they save the money and give to us when required urgently. Such good traits needs be appreciated as they stand as the power poll and stand as immense strength to us.
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    I agree with the author in total. A housewife has to make a lot of planning so that there will be peace in the house. If you see the work of a housewife early in the morning, we will get puzzled. How she is managing? They plan well in advance their works and all necessary arrangements will be made in advance. My wife plans today the items to be cooked tomorrow and before going to bed she will make many arrangements so that the next day morning she will attend the works without any problem and delay. She plans her kitchen, store and wardrobe in such a way that she can pick up any item she wanted in no time. My wife says if we spend some 5 minutes now and arrange the items as planned tomorrow I will save 30 minutes. It is true. Their planning is very meticulous.
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    Only a woman can plan for house and family and how to make budget and how to look after smooth functioning inside home only a woman can manage. I am sure man can not handle it. He will mismanage if he takes it in his hands. Woman is backbone for a happy family. But I always emphasise on comprehensive plan for running homely affairs. If the monthly provision items are to be purchased, all necessary items should be enslited meticulously so that man is not disturbed again and again after a few days, because man also plans how to spend his time after his duty.

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    Being a homemaker myself, I cannot deny the point the author has raised. Without proper planning, it is next to impossible to manage efficiently household chores and keep the family happy.

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    The role of housewife in managing the household smoothly is always appreciated by all of us time to time and is not an easy job. So, it requires meticulous planning and proper utilisation of the resources. The biggest challenge for some housewives is to mange the show with limited money in hand and some of them are really expert in using each and everything available to the bast of the way and thus help the bread winner of the house morally and psychologically. A good housewife planning everything in such a way that it is economical as well as healthy for the family members is a boon for the family. They are having dual responsibility of the household as they have to function like a good Home Minister as well as a good Finance Minister for the welfare and well being of the family.
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    Once again, the author has posted a thread with a very interesting topic, which is completely related to the contest. The author has rightly said, a woman who is a housewife starts in the morning with this planning, what all the work of today is going to be. Women make all the tasks of the house complete with a big plan by making a definite plan and no one can even realize this. While doing one work, she prepares and plans for the second task. For this reason, elderly women of the house become more and more experienced that they get to know the time is taken for work, etc., even sometimes without a plan.
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    Housewife, a name or designation given to women of the house who do more than expected for the family without any expectation yet is always looked down on by everyone. During olden times, every woman had to go through many tantrums from the family when there is any lack of delay in the service but now, many of the family do understand their value and also the pain that women take to fulfil their duties so that the house functions smoothly. Nowadays, many women are also working to make both ends meet and thus requires the better half to help them in the house chores, teaching their children and other daily activities so that everything is done at the proper time and without any lag. Now, even men have understood the pain and tend to help their mother, wife, or sister in their work so as to complete it on time and get quality time for the family. As we progress, we need to teach our children, irrespective of gender to do their work by themselves so that they know how to cook, wash, clean, buy and even know the value of the pain that their parents or partners take to keep the family-run smoothly. By this thread, the writer has brought in a good topic, and it's time to appreciate the women of the house who manages everything easily and see to it that every member of the family is happy and their needs are fulfilled or met on time.
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    Nice thread raised by the author. Housewife job is a full-time job where a lot of responsibility and activity has to fulfil. Housewife not only maintain kitchen but many financial matters are solved by them. Housewives should know how to manage the house in less salary.

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    Absolutely correct and it is not an easy job to plan everything in advance. She has to keep a tab on everything, be it the activities inside the kitchen, living room, home tasks of the children, etc. As the author mentioned, nowadays many housewives are using their smart gadgets to note down important things but there are also many housewives whose plan remain inside their mind only and yet they efficiently handle everything. Managing the home is an important aspect and for that, housewives always play the lead role.

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    Very true it is that every housewife has to plan things well before for its proper execution. I myself follow the same. Even for the meals, I usually plan a day before so that I can start in the morning without thinking much about the menu. For monthly budget and grocery shopping, we consider many things like if we have plans to go out for some days, are there any guests expected in that particular months, etc. Such plannings help us in managing things properly.

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    The irony is that if anything goes wrong everyone in the family starts blaming the housewife for it. She takes it all so sportingly.
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