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    Is it safe to open schools for primary class students at this moment?

    Due to Covid-19 educational institution from KG to PG mostly closed till now in all states of India. Higher educational institutions slowly opened for regular classes. Slowly the government in AP allowing regular classes even primary classes in schools from the month of February. Even Private schools are also functioning normally but the attendance is less. Schools are opting for both offline and online at the same time. Some parents out of fear are not sending students to school and are opting for online classes. Is it safe to conduct regular classes for primary students at school? Vaccination program is not complete and why government authorities allowing schools to open at this juncture?
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    I feel that prevention is better than cure and though the virus is getting contained gradually we have to give a margin of time before we decide to open the schools especially in the primary sections. This is essential because any relapse at this stage will be unmanageable. Even getting vaccine is not a foolproof prevention as vaccine have their own success rates depending on their design. May be the next vaccine would be better than this. This is really a serious matter and Govt should think twice before taking up any hasty decision in this crucial matter.
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    The efficacy rate of the present vaccination cannot be evaluated immediately. May be it will provide satisfactory results or it may be otherwise even. Hence allowing the students to avail off the regular classes in schools might be a risky affair. The parents are quite apprehensive at this stage and hence the attendance is being seen thin wherever the schools are open. We need to wait some more time for another version of vaccination having more potent than the present one. Prior to administration of the second version of the vaccination, the manufacturer may announce its rate of effectivity. Till that time, it would be better to wait and not allowing the kids for the regular classes.

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    Schools were closed as a precautionary measure. Though the situation is yet to be normalized and nobody knows when things will be back to normal, schools for higher classes are reopening for various reasons. The board exams are around the corner and many students have a lot of confusion about the papers. Because of connectivity and other technical issues, many students are unable to attend classes online and hence the confusion. Another thing is the practical classes. Lab-based experiments cannot be done online and hence students need to access the labs to conduct the experiments. For students of higher classes, the schools should open with all precautionary measures. But for the primary section, it is better to wait for some more time.

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