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    What you get after seperate this word "Impossible"?

    Many times we have heard that it is impossible to do but the think is everything is possible. Nothing is impossible. The word "Impossible" itself has positive meaning if we write it like "I m Possible". We have to do hard work and definitely we can reach to that thing and make it possible. We should not loose hope patient, consistency and hard work pays.
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    There are negative words in the dictionaries but they do not mean their literal meaning many times and are there to justify that there are sufficient and suitable antonyms available in the language. Impossible is one such word which keeps a full stop and tells that do not try because this thing is not going to be successful and it is literally impossible. Still people try and work throughout in their lives knowing well that some of the pursuits they are looking at are impossible to achieve. Many inventions were done because the scholars and scientists tried to find a solution which seemed impossible at the first glance. So, in essence, the laborious persons would not mind a tough and herculean task also and pursue it with rigorous efforts and hard work until they are successful in their endeavours. There was a time when reaching Moon was thought to be an impossible thing but today there are scientists who believe that a new human colony can be installed on the planet Mars, which is quite far from Earth and it takes months to reach there.
    Knowledge is power.

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    If a man strengthens his will power then no work will be difficult, it is believed that if a person is bringing an idea in his mind then that idea can definitely be fulfilled. Man is such a social creature who has made great discoveries and unbelievable things that even today seem incredible to us. But if we go into our history then we come to know that the people who did this were among us and ordinary people like us. When those people can invent so big, then everything should be possible for us. The most important thing is your self-confidence and hard work, if a person has full faith then no work will be impossible.

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    Yes, it is said that nothing is impossible. Everybody can do anything if he is determined to do. But it is subject to availability of the opportunity, eligibility of the concerned person, well chalked out plannining and perfect execution.
    Reality of the life is quite different. What we think to do, not necessarily we can do it. If everybody can do everything then nobody will be poor and everybody will be successful. However, some people have 'no Impossible' term in their dictionary and these people, most probably, succeed in their lives.
    Positive thinking always keeps us ahead of others, determination to face every challenge is the essence of struggle, hindrances co e on the way but they remove all these hindrances and achieve their target.

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    A good explanation by the author for impossible. Impossible will become I M Possible. So there is nothing in this world which is impossible. When Hanuman and his team went on the searching mission of SITA, they reached the seashore and one has to cross the seashore if they want to search for SITA in Lanka. They thought that is impossible. But some seniors in the team told Hanuman that he can cross the sea and they motivated him and Hanuman successfully crossed the ocean. So the moral is that one should have the desire and they should try sincerely for achieving their objectives. In such a case, there is no question of impossible. There are many such incidents narrated in our epics and by reading them we will also get motivated.
    Another incident from the same epic Ramayana is bringing Sanjeevani to cure Lakshmana. Again same Hanuman did the miracle with his power and saved Lakshmana.
    Definitely, if we have a desire we will rise to the occasion and see that we will perform well and make impossible works possible.

    always confident

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