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    The importance of the plan lies in its proper execution.

    Hi, The importance of the plan lies in its proper execution.

    There is no doubt that planning is the most crucial and primary step to perform any task or job. It may take some time to layout the plan that works. The plan is like a map, following which we can reach the goal easily. Once we are ready to follow a good plan - the role of execution starts. A good plan is of no use without proper execution.

    Proper execution of plan is that which makes a difference whether we achieve the desired objective or not. It measures the quality and strength of our plan and suggest any necessary changes to be made. The execution of plan tells us what to add or remove from the plan. It states what the priority should be. It monitors progress and describes what the scope of improvement could be.

    There are many big plans which failed miserably due to not having proper execution. Apart from this there are very small schemes or plans which were successful due to their proper execution.

    That's why it is very essential to have proper execution of plan. Please share what is your view on this.

    This is entery for the TOW contest 'plan'.
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    It is true that as long as the plan is not executed it's of little use, then it remains only as a plan. Planning is very important because before executing a task proper guideline is required. A plan works as a guideline and the execution is doing the task according to the guideline. We all have dreams, but many of us do not pursue all those dreams. To chase a dream we need to make a plan and then execute it and then only our dreams will be fulfilled. We may face some difficulties during the execution of a plan but if we leave midway without making another plan by analyzing the difficulties we will not be able to reach our goal. For certain tasks, we may make a couple of plans like Plan A, Plan B, etc so that if one plan fails we can execute the other plan. While planning is necessary before carrying out the task, the result is obtained only after executing the plan.

    From the topic of the thread, it is understood that the author has written it for the TOW contest and for that a link must be provided at the end of this thread to indicate it is a part of the contest.


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    Hi, @Sankalan thank you so much for pointing out my mistake. Indeed execution of plan is a scale that measures the value of our plan. It alerts us whether a change in the plan is needed or not so that the objective of the plan can be achieved effectively.

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