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    What can we do to infuse confidence in our children now

    Apart from all the mandatory precautions that students need to take to go back to schools and colleges in most parts of the country, almost every single parent is as confused as ever. Their children are still afraid of the odd guy who might still have the virus and they might fall sick. The teachers are as confused as the students. The batch of 2021 is the saddest batch ever; while the branded engineering and arts colleges and the autonomous colleges are all reporting record placements and there is not much of a problem with the next thirty leading colleges in each category, thousands of students from other also-ran and average classes stare at mass unemployment.

    On my part, I have been guiding many students to even work for free in internship positions even they passed out in 2021. Some have picked up some skill or the other and have migrated to Mumbai where they have landed in some odd job or the other. That metro is the Mecca for too many job-oriented courses and guys become smart after landing in that city.

    If Members have some ideas as to how to infuse confidence in children at this moment, thry may please share such ideas.
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    Today the problem is not only of unemployment but the qualified people are not getting jobs as per their qualifications and liking and most of them are going for jobs like call centre, working in a shop, opening a vegetable shop, working in a Mall, doing delivery and courier work, doing miscellaneous part tome jobs as regular jobs are not in sight, home delivery of goos, becoming a reseller etc. There are so many changes in the commercial arena that parents are also not aware of these new emerging positions and due to lack of dignity of work most of the youngsters also feel shy in doing menial jobs. This is really a tough job to motivate and inspire these people as their dreams are already shattered just after completing their education. One thing which we lack unfortunately is that we have not inculcated in them the working culture since childhood and they do not understand the value of hard earned money of their parents. But once they get their first salary they become so conscious of the money that they start educating their parents about it.
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