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    Survive with the Modern Society demands Mental Planning.

    Survive with the modern society demands mental planning. We are a social animal, we have to live with others in the society. So we need to adjust our activities with others in the society. But now a day there are every fields from home to local club to Market place to Political parties to Office ,requires specific attention with immediate settlement with adjustment. There are many events occurs which should not be entertained but accepted in the name of adjustments. Adjustment in everywhere now a day demanding prior planning in the mind to cope up with the situation without excitement in the name of Society. I think you are also adjusting a lots. What is your opinion to share please.
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    Surviving with the modern society is the great challenge for the many and especially those who are elders and could not adjust the modernization and new technology. Just now I was taking with one of my friend and in meantime another friend came who wanted to take help as to how to transfer money to his daughter bank account from his phone pe app. The activity was simple understandable to the modern society but for the elder who got the new phone and never transferred money online, this is the new experience. But what I liked his eagerness to learn as to how to pay online to his daughter and that he done successfully. His joy had no bounds and he started talking to his daughter that he share part of his pension earnings to her for studies in Bengaluru and that we very touchy and moving.
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    Modern society is full of luxuries and comforts. When we see all those comforts and luxuries we will feel like having everything. In the pursuit of acquiring all those, we have to sell ourselves and work like a bull so that we will have all of them. But what is the use? We can't have peace of mind and we never enjoy the comforts.
    How to meet the expenses with the income we have. For this one has to do a lot of mental planning. Where to cut-short and where to expand is a big question. Adjustments will become necessary and for this also we may require a lot of preparedness and planning.

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    Timely adjustment is necessary to keep up the pace with modern age activities. Social, economical, political etc in walks of life adjustment should be updated. I am also a naive person about latest technology which is introduced in the market several times during a year or so. We should keep us ready to do adjustment.

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    Time is never the same and the demand of time is that humans change themselves accordingly. As the author has rightly said that if one wants to survive in modern society, then one needs to make a proper plan. In today's time, you are faced with different types of people in the world and attach different circumstances to everyone, in such a situation you cannot do the same planning for everyone. There are people of different thinking in today's society, so it will be better if you make your plans according to time and people. For this, it is very important to have openness and flexibility in our thinking.

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    Such event which should not be acceptable at all is accepted in some situation as the name of compromise. Updating with the Modern world does not permit to compromise with an evil event, but represent yourself with updating culture of the society. Think once again that we all are compromising with such event in everywhere. And when, how and where will be the end of such adjustment/compromise.
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    Surviving in the modern times is a challenge as the environment has become too competitive and cut throat. One has to be very alert and careful in making ones efforts and decisions in real life situations as proper planning is required on 24/7 basis. So, mentally a person will remain engaged throughout the planning stage as well as the execution stage.
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    Surviving in Modern Society indeed demands mental planning but it is also a fact that the modern world is changing and is accepting new forms. If we compare with the olden days, many things have changed for the good and many things have got worse. In olden times, we were very superstitious, followed everything blindly but had unity, love, brotherhood but in modern society, we have changed a lot and have opened up a lot and accepts the new changes like living together, divorcees, LGBT, intercaste marriage but have become more closed and divided in the name of religion, caste, reservation, politics, etc. Everyone adjusts themself a lot to live in the so-called modern society but we also need to understand that if we do not plan to ignore or adjust, we may not be able to survive and may lose everything from family, respect, fame, wealth, mental & physical well-being, etc. It's a known rule that listens to everyone but follows what you feel is right and correct.
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