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    Those who fail to plan will always plan to fail

    A famous Chennai=based Management Consultant would often emphasize the value of planning in life by mentioning the need for meticulous planning. Those who fail to plan, he would explain, will always plan to fail.

    This is indeed true. Take financial planning. Time will just fly. If we plan for the really long term like a 25 year period, at the end of it, we will be very comfortable, provided we do not touch the savings. For example, the PPF for 15 years can be extended by five years at a stretch. Thus, even if one saves Rs.10,000 per annum, he will be left with a good sum when he decides to call it quits. The entire amount is tax-free. Agricultural income is now tax-free. It never will be subject to direct tax. Hence, the shrewd IT professionals are providing capital from their resources to their relatives to start organic farming of vegetables, for which there is a big market at any point in time.

    There is a lot of planning to do in other areas as well. Let us assume that a young man, a raw B.Com graduate from say, Tirunelveli, in deep South Tamil Nadu, wants to crack the Civil Services Exam. He has to plan every step. He should move over to Chennai or New Delhi and rub shoulders with serious-minded students. He needs to pick his two electives very carefully. He needs to interact with those who were successful. He compulsorily needs to join a coaching center. He needs to work very hard to pass the preliminary examination and then go in to prepare for the final examination and the interview. Nothing is easy and hard work of up to at least twelve hours per day is called for. However, there are similar cases, where hard work, combined with careful planning, has brought success.

    Hence, we need to plan every aspect of our lives. Those who fail to plan such steps and aspects will obviously fail and will wonder what happened.

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    The very professional way of admitting the fact that planning is not that easy and many have failed because we do not have experience nor had the traits to have good planning. Be it a farmer, or student or even a office clerk, planning goes a long way. If a farmer chooses spurious seeds and plan for big harvest by taking loan from the private agencies then he end up to loss and he may even forgo the land thus mortgaged. For a student he has to plan the studies in such a way that easy answers has to be attempted first so that much of the pressure of exam is relived and passing out the exam is damn assured. And a office clerk need to plan his work in such a way that even for one day sudden absence the work should not suffer and no department should be deprived of any information for his absence suddenly.
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    Planning is very important. If we fail to plan, we will be a failure in our lives. Not planning means planning to fail only. That is very true. The same is well explained by the author. Any person who is interested in having a good career would plan his career very well. He will start thinking about his career goals and based on the goals he will plan his path. What are the essential requirements to fulfil his dream goal will be planned and how to fulfil those requirements will also be planned?
    But I have seen some people who always will be busy making plans. But no plan will be implemented. They will be spending their time only in planning, refining. This is also a waste of time only. Over planning and not taking required actions will never yield any results.

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    Planning for any work, assignment, task, responsibility or recreation should be made in advance before the time of its implementation starts, and also this planning should be implemented systematically.
    Planning, especially, about future should be sketched and finalised with the thought process, any pell-mell activity will cause hotchpotch. Any muddle may cause trouble

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