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    With every plan there is a hope

    Have you ever been dejected after being unsuccessful to reach the target? At some point, the dejection can be more and unbearable. At the same time, if this feeling of dejection continues it is not possible to move ahead. Whatever may be the position you need to rise up and find ways to come out of the situation. You need to analyze things and plan to go forward. A new plan to move ahead will give you the boost. We live on hopes and every new plan brings new hope in us. For example, a few days earlier the Union Budget was presented and like any other budget, there are new plans for projects with a hope for a better future. After clearing an exam when a student makes a plan for further studies or job it is done with the hope of a bright future. Every new plan brings with it hope. If you are stuck up somewhere and feeling confused start a new plan by analyzing why you came to such a situation and what are the ways to come out of it. When you find the ways to come out of it, it becomes your new game plan with renewed hope.

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    If well thought planning is executed in right manner, possibilities of success are bright. However, sometimes, despite all the best of efforts we don't succeed, it, undoubtedly, causes dejection too, but thinking too much on what I could not succeed increases more tension. Being too much worried gives nothing but more worries. We should not stuck on it, rather, should muster up all our courage and should prepare ourselves for another attempt with new spirit and fresh hope. Nothing is impossible in this world provided that we are entitled to achieve our set goal.
    The author has given examples to prove his point. Good planning is essential for students and those educated people who are struggling to be settled in life, they are required to be hopeful and optimist to build their career. They should not give up , come what may, regardless of adverse circumstances, they should keep their eyes on target with hope, energy, confidence and spirit of success.

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    A person makes several plans in his life and tries to execute them in the same way and also so that he gets success. But many times in the left plan, we cannot get a sense of all the circumstances and our plan gets interrupted due to a sudden change of circumstances. But as the author said that every new plan brings new hope, it is a true thing, and this is the principle of life. It is not necessary that every one of our plans be successful, so we must include some options in our plan. Planning does not only mean that we can incorporate all the positive aspects into it, but correct planning is the only one that is expected when we expect good but at the same time, if something bad comes, then we have the ability to strengthen ourselves also, be in our plan.

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    Hope is what everyone needs to keep in their life which keeps them moving at every stage of life. Many people plan and when it fails, they get lost and even feel dejected which is normal but if you keep hope and have the guts to come out of that situation in making an alternate plan, you can always find your goal or destination in front of you. As mentioned, it is not easy to cope up with a failure but if we are able to fight through our situation and try to learn the reason for our failure, we can make a better and more secure plan which will help us reach our goal without any delay. The only thing that one needs is the hope of overcoming the present situation and breaking the shell of failure with a smile and a more positive approach. As mentioned by the writer, With every plan there is hope and with every hope, there is a new ray of light that will be shining on the one who is ready to face and fly high.
    “The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in." — Morrie Schwartz

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    Rightly said by the author that with every plan there is hope and that rekindles the expectations high and keep our sprit going with high performance on the cards.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    When there is no hope, there is no necessity of making a plan. A plan will be made to implement means there is a hope that we can be successful by implementing the plan. A plan will be made keeping the end result in mind. I want to study MBBS as I have the ambition to become a doctor. Once we do our MBBS we will hope that we will become a good doctor. In the absence of hope, no attempt will be made.
    Even after meeting with a failure we never lose our hope and we will try with hope another plan. Hope only will make us continue our efforts always. Sometimes we will lose our hopes and we will causally attempt some works but miracles will happen and we may be successful. But we should not expect miracles to happen always and we should continue our plans without losing hopes and we should be successful.

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    Plan and hope are vice versa. We can make a plan only when we can positively think that means we have some hope. Even we can say that if we are hopeful, then only planning is possible. So, I would suggest that plan and hope both are interchangeable.

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