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    Success without a plan. Is that really possible?

    There is a saying "Well begun is half done". And to start well, most of the time we need good planning. It is also important to implement what we have planned. But do you think without a plan, can success be ours? Planning involves defining what you want to do, in how much time, how much effort do you need to put, and getting the number of resources that you need. With unplanned activities, do you think we can achieve our goal? Have you or someone you know come across anyone who got this kind of success? What hindrances come in our way for an unplanned task?

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    Some people believe in their hard work and thinks that their sudden decision sometimes would bring fortunes and good results too. But that is rare happening and cannot be time tested. And there are people who does good planning on the paper and when it comes to actions they fail. They prepare good checklist has to what to be done and how to move about with plan be B in attendance. But winners are those who check the implementations of their every action which coincides with the plan and thus bring over all performance to their credit. One cannot achieve the superlative performance without planning and there needs to be consultations and coordinated approach with others because some planning needs others intervention and that should be timely forthcoming for which we should envisage the right pitch
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    Some people work very hard and keep doing it continuously but still do not succeed, the main reason is not planning properly. When we make a plan, we consider in detail all the points that come in our way of success and if we understand that at a certain place, we need to make a plan B, then we have nothing for it. Keep some preparations. But when a person keeps trying only without any planning, then it feels as if an arrow moves without a target and he does not know whether his arrow is going to the right place or not. If any work is done with a proper plan, then that work also saves your energy and also ensures success. Many times a situation is created when a person does not have time to plan, even in this situation, if work is done with patience then the work gets done easily.

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    It's a valid question of the author whether or not a person can be successful without planning. Most probably, everybody will say 'No' but it is possible that someone can be successful without making any planning, but it's rare to see.
    When we discuss planning, it means, an extensive roadmap of a particular task or project which is intended to be completed.

    But on another side, it happens that someone starts any work without comprehensive planning and takes his decision on the spot, and goes further as and when required and takes things as they come and decides what to do next.
    In this situation. when any task is intended to be completed, the whole of the work is divided into different levels or phases and the work is started and as the situation demands decision is taken, after completion of a phase, the next phase is taken in hand, then considering all pros and cons of this phase, it is decided what steps are to be taken to complete this phase. In this way, all phases of the task get completed. It may be called extremely short term planning. But I think it's feasible and applicable where the volume of the task is small.

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    Some times it may happen. People may call it a miracle.
    A known lady is ill. The family members took her to a very famous doctor and the doctor said it not possible to get the disease cured and she may not live long. The family got dejected and they have no plan for her treatment and all the people are worried. Meanwhile one of the relatives suggested an alternative medicine and the family members tried without any hope. A miracle took place. She survived and now she is normal. These happenings are only due to God grace and there are no plans separately for such issues.

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    A Goal without a Plan is Just a Wish: 3 Lessons for This Quote ... But you have to work toward your potential accomplishment for it to be anything more than an ideal. ... and self-control, but the truth is, how you plan is also a critical piece to success. ... of wisdom in mind next time you have a goal that you truly want to reach.

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