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    Right to protest and right to live

    There has been consistent confrontation between the right to protest and the right to live. While in democracy the right to get their rights is defined and guaranteed then why credence is not given to right to live peacefully. Often handful of protesters try to over power the system there by defeating the very right of peaceful living. Is it not coercing the law and forcing them to take action ? On the other hand those who want to live in peace are silently going through the brunt of over actions fro the protesting outfits on almost many issues.
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    As far as the rights given to the constitution are concerned, all the rights we have been given in the name of Fundamental Rights are limited by the constitution itself, and when they restrict these rights based on democracy, it is natural to process right. If seen, we have the right to speak in the Constitution, but if the court says anything, it will be considered contempt. There is the right to choose your representative but if the representative turns out to be a cheater then he has no right to recall. In response to this type of violation of rights, there are situations of rebellion or demonstration. The problem is that many times a person does not demand any rights and only appeals to a peaceful life, even then he cannot get a peaceful life.

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    Our country is a democratic country and there is a right to express our unhappiness through these protests. The people who want to protest will take permission from Law and Order department and they do the protest. So we can't say what they are doing is not correct. As a part of the system is having a right to express their unhappiness. In a factory, workers will go on agitation if they are not getting the pay hike as per their expectations. Nobody can deny them and there are departments to take care of them.
    I have seen many protests and bandh calls and caused heavy losses to the country and difficulties to the people who earn wages by daily working. But we can't stop the agitations. Who will have the time to go to the court and file a case against the agitators saying that they are eating away our peace. These are all the inherent problems and we have to live with them as long as we want to e democratic.

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