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    Is give and take a thing of the past forever?

    Take parents now in the 55 to 65 age group. Their life was always based on the basic principle of give and take. Those older had even more tolerance than them. They might be 85, but patience was a fundamental characteristic of most of such people.

    Today, the spirit of give and take is somehow missing in politics, among political parties and within political parties is seen, day in and day out. Ego problems positively seem to be the root cause of the malice.

    Disturbing accounts of men who try to impose their will on others in offices and in their fiancees are pouring in. Women who are highly educated go in search of the "wavelength" and find fault if there are slight deviations from what they expect. Of course, the educated men also go on a witch-hunt for the same " wavelength".

    No wonder, marriages do not happen easily. But divorces happen much faster. Where do we go from here? Is our entire society totally devoid of " give and take" forever"?
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    Personal space is shrinking and the gap between individuals is widening as time goes by. Physically, people don't like to interfere. This gap is widening due to the level of intolerance is going up. As the author has opined that people impose their will or diktat on others. It comes from the ego. When the ego is given preference, intolerance between individuals increases. This ego is not confined in politics, it is expanded everywhere. The wife doesn't tolerate her husband and her husband wants to see her adjust with him and satiate his ego. This tug of war causes separation between married couples.
    From the professional angle, people are connected in offices. They are together as long as they are working there. Who can diktat each other, I doubt? They give or take as per order in the hierarchy.

    Tolerance and patience give a solid base to stay in the relationship. Give and take may or may not be necessary for the sustenance of relationship, however, as long as the person has gained or hopes to have gains carries it happily. Selfishness is the centrepiece for all, which keeps them clinging to this relationship. Those who have discarded selfishness are not obliged to carry this burden. These people breathe in freedom.

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    Tolerance among the people is coming down. "WE" is getting replaced with"I". This selfishness is ruining the entire situation. Even between the Wife and the husband also there is no proper understanding and there is no belongingness. All the relationships are becoming commercial. That is why the give and take policy is going away. People are not having any patience and they think selfishly about them only. When we think of our problems if we can consider the well being of the other problems also we will have a better understanding of the people and we will live like a family.
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    Ego and pride are said to be the major detrimental elements for sustaining a good relationship. When mutual faith and respect is deteriorated then the pangs of separations attack the people and life becomes a miserable entity for everyone involved. Give and take comes from mutual understanding which is lacking today in the people and going down further with an alarming speed. The materialistic world where career is the first priority and family is considered the secondary one, the relationships are going to be broken sooner or later and is a threatening aspect in our lives.
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