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    Our aim should always be only the eye of the fish.

    We have heard a story from childhood when the Pandavas were asked to aim in the eyes of the fish, then all the brothers were asked what they were seeing, someone said that the tree, some leaves, some whole fish, etc. answer given by everyone, but when Arjun was asked, he said that he can see only the eye of the fish and that is why he was considered the best shooter even today.
    There are moments in our life too when we only need to focus on our main target but many people pay more attention to the environment around the target and hence deviate from their target. Do not distract yourself, just keep your focus on your goal, then your success is certain.
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    I agree with the author eyes should be set on on eye of fish but what is fish of eye, it varies from person to person- money, gold, land, profit, home, promotion, increments, selection, gains and the list go on. Selfishness is vital which keeps the spirit high and hopes alive. But the most important is to keep your bow and arrow in the right posture and you should have a perfect stance and eventually, the aim should be right in the target. Timing and accuracy should be clipped together. Muster up all your qualities which are required in a particular matter and hit the target and you are there.

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    Concentrating and focusing on the goal is a primary requisite for success in our lives. Our mind should work always in alignment with our ambitions. Then only we will see success in our endeavours. Right step at the right place at the right time will bring you the desired success. Focus on the goal. Do whatever is to be done. Never think about other things. That will make you slow. Concentrating on the job and planning our actions in line with the goal will be the secret for success.
    Many times we will not reach the destination in time due to improper planning and not concentrating on the event properly, I feel.

    always confident

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