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    The importance of relationships should be understood in time.

    Many people are in the world who feel very lonely because they do not have a good and true relationship, but the truth is that God has sent all of us to this world with some relationships. Apart from this, God has also made us capable that we can choose new relationships for ourselves and can bond in those relationships.

    But the person makes the mistake that when he/she has his/her relationship with others, then they do not appreciate them and when any relationship gets away from us, then its value is understood but there is nothing left except regret.

    The relationship is a means that we need very much in both good and bad moments of life because, without a true relationship, our success also seems incomplete when we have no one to share that success. Learn to handle your relationship, we are very lucky that we have our own relationships and for this, we should thank our people and God every day.
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    Mutual understanding, avoiding disputes and misunderstanding and most importance tolerance to each other is a requirement for a solid foundation of the relationship. If the burden of relationship comes to a stage whenceforth this burden appears heavy for both of them, separation is the best option, else sticking together without understanding doesn't result in a healthy relationship.
    We should respect the feelings and sentiments of each other. If despite living together more spending a good amount of time together do not understand each other both partners can be blamed. However, they will blame each other to hide their guilt but it's not healthy way sorting out their differences. I agree with the author when separation occurs or stay away from each other both of them realise what mistake they committed. It is all immaturity. If grown-up people grow up mentally and strengthen their ties by avoiding mistakes of each other, they will not fall in this situation.
    Before you fall in this trap of adverse situation fix up your issues with mature thinking as a mature couple.

    Don't worry, sometimes, separation ekes out strength to relationship for future reunion.

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    Relationships are prominent and most important part of our lives. With an out better relationships with our near and dear ones, family members, it would be difficult to move on in life. We need each other at different stages of our life to bring positivity and encourage each other at difficult times.
    It is important we invite our relatives in our happy moments and enjoy with our near and dear ones. Without our relatives festivities and joyful periods become distasteful. The feeling of together excites everyone in the family and adds value to each member of the family.
    Blessed are those who take care of their relatives and enquire about their well being, and occasionally Invite them home at functions. Those who don't maintain a relationship always feel lonely and upset and have no one to share grief and sorrow. Even happy junctures become less festive without the participation of relatives.

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    Most of the people understand the importance of relationship only on their death or absence or they fell sick or they need others help. A friend of mine driven out from home (who really took full care) by his younger brother on his wife's advice but felt badly later when he got admitted in hospital for some treatment.
    Many people admit their father or mother or both in old age homes but if they do srardham after their demise, it is mere waste and they do so only to show their prestige.

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    Relationships are very important and we should maintain a good relationship with people so that when there is a need they will come and help you. Some people think it is a waste to have relationships. They think that they have money and they can live on their own. But it is not correct. We require a minimum number of relations. We all know that even a silver plate can't stand on in its own and requires support from the wall. So we all should maintain good relations with our friends and relatives. Help them in times of need and you will also get help from other people when you really want help.
    In fact, we should help others when they are in need and that will help to build up relations with people. Some people think that they have money and they can purchase everything and anything. But it is proved opposite many times.

    always confident

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    Relationship will flourish only when there is a maturity between the can be sustainable if there is eagerness between them to continue such a relationship. They would appreciate every moment which strengthened their togetherness. It could be their sacrifice when they observed that their friend is in trouble due to health disorders and his friend has taken every effort to provide comforts to his partner. In the hours of breakdown due to demise in the family, his friend stood with him in such a critical situation. With the progress of time, an element of trust between the two has strengthened their relationships so far and their trust will continue for ever in their journey of relationship.

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    Relationship is a source of sustained happiness for the people if they know how to maintain it. It has to be nurtured with patience and cordial relations. Unfortunately, people may be aware of this fundamental thing but many of them fail when it comes to maintaining relations with others or friends or family members. It is no use if we realise this thing late in the life when relationships get soured and gone bad terribly. This also means that we have to behave with others in a cordial and graceful manner and should not resort to cheap tactics. If we think like that then I would say that nurturing good relations is an art.
    Knowledge is power.

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