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    Is it right to block the traffic and disturb the public while we protest?

    While we have the right to protest by calling for a bandh or strike or hartal, is it right to protest by blocking the roads and stopping the vehicular traffic to cause disturbance to the innocent public?

    The farmers' unions have announced a three hour road block from noon to 3 p.m on all the national highways.

    It would be a great nuisance to the public. The public won't like it and the farmers would earn the wrath of the public of India.

    Is road blocking a peaceful protest where the public is put to suffering?
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    Sun, I doubt whether we should be highlighting and discussing the plight of the general public during such roadblocks. Is it the first time that the people of India will be facing such a situation? It is not a fair and logical attitude to be critical of anything and everything that someone or a group whom you are against does. Let us not forget all those eventful strikes, hartals and bandhs called and executed with fervour by the political parties, including the BJP, that has made the whole nation stand still for hours together. The farmers have called for a three-hour roadblock and that too only of the national and state highways. Don't worry, it won't affect the common man much.
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    A bandh or hartal or strike calls for the willing participation of the public. Whereas, a roadblock is not that of a strike or hartal or bandh. It is a different way of protest causing a heavy loss for all. It affects the passengers' movements and goods movements. Three hours traffic block on the national highway would block the traffic heavily. It would be a nuisance to the vehicles and the public.
    By this, the protestors are not going to be benefitted in any manner.

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    You have started another thread to show your hidden anger against farmers.You are hooked up on an issue- why these farmers are protesting. I think if you are given power you will drive them away by force and will stop them protesting any longer. Am I wrong?
    Is it happening for the first time in india?
    Peaceful protest is the right of people.
    Freelance journalists are reporting and opposition parties are raising their objections and claiming that "fences and high walls have been erected on the border so that they might not enter Delhi. High walls and fences have not been erected even on Pakistan and China borders? Are farmers more dangerous than Pakistani and Chinese army? Their internet facility has been disconnected. Mobile toilets and water supply have been cut off."

    So, you justify it?

    I am against any disturbance in any part of the country let alone blocking roads and disturb common people.

    Do you know there is NO road block in U.P. and Uttrakhand? Can you read between the lines?
    Soon, you will see Rakesh Tiket who comes from western U.P. will take his farmers back home, if his local demands are fulfilled. I think you are not aware of basic demands of western U.P. farmers. Just wait and watch.

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    It is the farmers who did not respect their own union leaders, went and attacked Red fort. In UP, Mr. Rakesh Tiket has learned that the UP farmers are preparing to break the windshields of vehicles during their road block. Hence he has cancelled the road block in UP and Uttrakhand. Yet farmers are not under control. We can expect many untoward incidents during this 3 hour road block. Trouble creators in the farmer group might involve in activities that would damage the life and property of the public on the road.

    At this present scenerio, after witnessing the Red fort attack and hoisting of farm union flags, I am sure that the farmers are dangerous than our external enemy. Our neighbouring enemies never tried to capture our Red fort during any war. Therefore, our internal forces are more dangerous than our enemy forces. Police are right in constructing barricades and disconnecting the facilities at the protest site. It is the punishment for adamancy and indiscipline.

    While they have assured that they would block only national/state highways, what is the surety that they won't block the important local roads and create problems.

    The disorganized Tractor rally failed. Now, the roadblock also would fail.

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    The history of our country is full of such hartals and bunds time to time arranged and managed by the opposition. It is not happening for the first time. Whenever there is an issue or sometimes a non-issue changed to issue, these things happen and Govt has to tolerate it till the people become violent and start damaging the properties and other things. The opposition parties and other disgruntled people will like that these things should be successful and Govt should be made aware that there is some agitation. If everything goes on silently, there is no problem. But if the situation escalates and to control the situation police fire in emergency then all the people will be against the Govt as gullible common people are sentimental and do not understand things logically.
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    Generally, a strike or bandh or hartal or protest would stop the functioning of the system. They won't go for work, but sit at home and show their protest.
    Will the real farmers cease to work in their field and stop production of their crops, and sit on protesting site? That would be the real protest if they stop functioning as farmers, like others do in our country. Here, the protestors are not real farmers working on the field, but the traders and others who live on the farmers' products.

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    If the protesters think that it is their right to go for stir and block the roads and create commotion, they should not forget that even the commuters and road users have the right to move without any obstruction and this right is not given the credence at all. Many a time a forced lock down is imposed on the public and we have no other alternative but to face the brunt. A law should come immediately in support of the public that none should force on the public and those who destroy the properties need to pay the bill.
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    We have seen many such incidents in the past and we are seeing now and we will see in future also. They take required permissions and police will tell the points which can't be violated by the people participating in the protest. As per those guidelines, the protesters should not create problems for the common man. But always there will be problems for them. In the anger and emotion, the participating people will forget the rules and violate them. It is very common. Sometimes the situation will go out of control and violence will take place and innocent people suffer.
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    Traffic obstruction is a common tactic used during public protests and demonstrations. Action must be taken to prosecute those who block, obstruct, impede, or otherwise interfere with the normal flow of traffic on the public road.

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    Sun, have you ever protested or raised any objection against a law that you found damaging? I hope you have not. The problem is people of this country never protest and every protest movement is organized by either the political parties or some unions. I hope when we the 'Innocent public' of India will start protesting en masse we will not block the roads or disturb the public. Do we really know the meaning of protest or are we constantly fed by some media who pretends to advise us what is right and wrong for us?

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    Sun at #722549, you say Bandh or Hartal calls for willing participation of the public. But are you sure and can you testify that the common man always responds to such calls willingly? Common! Let us not befool ourselves. I can say with 100% conviction that most of the bandhs or hartals are always complete because of the inherent fear among the common man about the repercussions if they decide to go against the same. Have we not heard about arson, attacks and even killings in this connection? The grudge developed and reactions that follow is another part. You are so concerned about the three-hour roadblock, be true to yourself and tell me that you have never witnessed roadblocks to allow free movement of dignitaries? Being biased is fine and each one of us has a right to hold our opinion but then turning a blind eye to actual facts smacks of a fascist mentality which is not at all good for democracy.

    Let us not pretend to be blind. Sun, I suggest you come out straight with what you have in mind. If your mere intention is to generate some discussion, like making hay while the sun shines, I think you are doing a wrong thing. Why go round and round the same square when you know the right way out?

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    Agitations and protests are generally done to attract the attention of the public and also the attention of the Govt. So the agitators will resort to age old technique of road block, sit in front of the Govt offices, go for Bharat Bund and things like similar to that. If governance is good they can be removed from doing so and should be warned if they block the roads. But in reality some of the agitators are very influential and have a big voters bank supporting them so they have a good power to divert people to any extent and Govt also feels that why to confront them and let them do whatever they want and after some time they will be tired and go back to their homes. Most of the cases same thing repeats and we have seen so many road blocks and protests where police only disburses them and do not take any harsh action to avoid the political turn of the events. Since last 72 years this had been the policy of all the Govt to take such protests lightly and wait for them to die out on their own. This one may also have the same fate.
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    Your views are not logical. Being hostile for farmers and keep on harping on the same strings just for the sake of discussion is not an intelligent discussion.
    - Considering them worse than Pakistani, Chinese army is quite bad thinking. Nobody can justify it.
    - Farmer leaders are demanding to conduct impartial and fair investigation of red fort flag hoisting incident. Deep sidhu is still beyond arrest. Why? Why they were not arrested by police, while presence of police was witnessed in high security zone. These farmer-leaders have a series of several similar questions.
    - Those so-called farmers who tried to create violence before Bandh, as per Tiket, were not farmers, this is why they exempted U.P. and Uttrakhand and Delhi to avert any untoward incident.

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    Dear all,
    This thread is to discuss whether protestors should cause interference or disturbance to the public or not. While the grudge is against the government, why should the common public should be made to suffer? Let the protestors sit infront of the offices connected with the issues and block the vehicles of the authorities concerned. We are following a wrong trend of improper and illegal protest.

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    Yes, Sun, we are 'following'. Then why point fingers at the farmers as if they have given birth to a new method of protest? These kinds of protests are resorted to by agitating groups all over the world. And let us not forget why our farmers had to take this almost extreme step; it is because they have been denied their right to be heard in its true sense. So, let them go ahead. It is, after all, a three-hour block which is lesser than blocks that we experience at some toll booths or entry checking points. It is far lesser than blocks caused by processions held by political parties or even some religious processions. Let us just hope that the protest goes off peacefully!
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    The protest went off peacefully without any untoward incident. It was due to the precautions taken by the police on time. Also it was the fear of the farmer groups about the non farmers who attacked Red fort on 26th January. Now, the farmers' union should try to cooperate with government for talks. They should give up the word "Repeal' and insist on ' Solution' to the farm laws, and should accept changes and amendments to the law. Giving time upto October 2 is like challenging the government which is not expected from the good farmers of India.

    Modi has said that the new farm laws will benefit the farmers, If it doesn't benefit, the lacunas will be fixed. But farmers have no faith in Prime Minister's words. When the farmers don't have faith on the Supreme leader of a nation, nothing can help the farmers. Farmers will continue to protest and suffer without any result. It is the fate of the 6 percent protesting misguided farmers. All other 94 percent Indian farmers will remain happy with the newly framed laws.

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