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    Solution to solve Farmers' issue- Do you have any suggestions?

    The government is firm on holding their bill, and the farmers are adamant about the repeal of the bill. Talks have failed. The directives of the Supreme Court and the suspension of laws for 18 months did not work well.

    At this juncture, Dr Subramanya Swamy has suggested to the Prime Minister to include the following three specific rules to the farm acts-

    1. Should restrict the implementation of the act to those states which in writing inform its willingness to implement the act, and thus those who do not inform its willingness to implement may be given the freedom not to benefit from the salutary aspects of these Agricultural Reform Acts.

    2. Should state that every state would be eligible for a Minimum Support Price in perpetuity.

    3. Should limit the buying of the foodgrains by only those who have no other major business or commercial interests other than in agricultural trade.

    I think these measures would certainly satisfy the farmers and would take care of the concerns of the protesting farm unions, and would bring an end if these rules are added to the farm laws.

    What do you think of this suggestion? Do you have any possible and practical solutions in mind?

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    These suggestions are good for you but I am skeptical as these suggestions will not be applicable on grounds.

    1: BJP ruled states will implement and, none BJP states will not agree. In this situation, farmers may protest ,especially of Haryana, M.P. and Bihar farmers, where BJP is in power.
    2: State governments will not accept it. They will find it difficult to implement MSP law. Buyers will not come to purchase their product. State governments will purchase some quantity of food grains on MSP directly from farmers, and major part of their crops will be sold (by auction) in open market through middlemen. Direct buyers will not buy crops on MSP, And thus situation remains the same. What is the point of these three acts passed by government?

    3: Corporates will not welcome this suggestion. Their main business is not agro-business . But now they are coming in agriculture sector and they have already spent billions of rupees on construction of warehousing.

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    Though the author has made some good suggestions, a special committee appointed by Supreme court is already hopping across the states and seeking the concerned state govt views and suggestions and that would become the base for the court to direct the center to implement, The SC committee members who happen to see the author's post may seek to implement the same but that would be too much expectations. And every suggestion must go through the political will of the ruling party at the center and also broad agreement with the opposition.
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    @K.Mohan: Decision of the appointed committee (by Supreme Court) will not be accepted as their views about agriculture reform are known to farmer unions. These members of the appointed committee have been supporting these laws in their articles and interviews, so farmers have made up their mind to reject the committee's decision which, in their opinion, will come against farmers.

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    This problem is stretched too far and now it is not easy to solve it just like that. There are some other issues which are highlighted during this agitation. First is many farmer are not aware of these new laws and their implications in future and because some leaders are telling something they also are believing in that and had joined the agitation. Govt cannot go back as the law is passed by the parliament only which is the top most body in the country. Farmer's group also seems to be adamant so it is a stalemate type of thing and confusion will prevail. Now Govt can do one thing that first remove the unwanted people from this agitation who have joined it for daily Biryani and pocket allowance and only farmers and their genuine leaders should be there and a fresh round of talks should start. Govt can even arrest the unwanted people who are twisting the issues for their vested interests and hidden agenda. This is a farmer's issue and why opposition is unnecessarily fuelling it in a wrong direction is not understood.
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    The opposition leaders have no right to join or support the farmers' issue. It is between the government and the farmer community. Government should arrest those political leaders who support the protest and put them behind the bars.

    It is time high for our Honorable Prime Minister Modi to appear on the national television channels and explain to the people of this country about the newly framed farm laws and its benefits. This telecast should be repeated daily at a particular time and should be relayed by all other television channels.

    At the same time, let the Farmer Union leaders also come up on TV and explain to the countrymen about the flaws in the laws that would affect their life on earth. I am sure, the farmer union leaders will have nothing to speak about the law and they cannot speak a single word about the flaws in the law except the words " We want repeal of the law".

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    There should be a way to strengthen the farmer economically. The person who is growing the crop is not getting the benefit but the middlemen are getting benefitted. The following actions are to be considered in my view.
    1. A farmer should be able to store his products safely and sell when he gets a good price. Many of the farmers are not having the capacity to build their own storage areas. So the government should consider creating such facilities and give on lease to the farmers at a very low rent basis.
    2. Farmers should be given a free hand to the farmers in deciding about the crops they want to grow and they should be given free hand to sell than anywhere they wanted.
    3.AGricultuire should also be declared as an industry and what all benefits they are extending to the industry should be extended to the farmers also.
    These are the ideas I have.

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    Every day, the food we eat connects us to a vast global web of ... retailers and many other people involved in getting food from farm to fork. ... a single-issue perspective on any objective can lead to unintended impacts on other objectives. ... specific ideas are proposed as "silver bullets" to fix the food system.

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    SuN: It is not the first time that farmers are protesting in our country. When the Congress or any other party/parties alliance government was in the centre, farmers would protest for their demands against the government. They would be allowed to protest in Delhi and leaders of opposition parties would come to farmers and would share their stage and address the people. They would criticise the government for not fulfilling their demands.

    Were you not in India then?

    What you have opined is not a good opinion, you think these political leaders who support this protest should be arrested?

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    The opposition party is to oppose anything and everything in the parliament. But opposition party is also responsible to cooperate with the ruling government and recommend solutions to the problem. Here in this farmers' case, the opposition is not able to pinpoint the defect in the farm laws. They say 'Kisan Kanoon Kaala Hai". But they are not able to bring out the 'Kaala " from the Kisan Kanoon. Why a political outfit is not leading the protest? The reason is - They cannot coordinate action and control the farmers belonging to different unions affiliated with different political parties. Hence they render back support.

    You and I know, the earlier farmer's protest in our country were meaningful, but the present protest is a baseless, meaningless, and useless protest with 94 percent real farmers agree and 6 percent duplicate rich farmers/traders/anti-nationals disagree with the law. Their aim is to create problems to defame the government. Our government is keeping cool with the support of majority Indian farmers.

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    Repeal of the farm laws. This is what the farmers are asking for and agitating for the past two months.
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    Repeal of farm laws is like killing a newborn child. I said it in many places. Consider the newly framed laws are the good babies delivered by the mother (government) to care the farmers. The babies have no defect, but fit and perfect. But someone blindly say that the baby is not good, and needs to be killed. When asked the reason, they are not able to pinpoint any defect in the baby and why the baby should be killed. They should say something like - The baby is blind//the baby is dumb/the baby is deaf/the baby is dark complexion/ has a squint eye/shortie/shapeless/not beautiful etc. If the pinpoint the actual defect, we can show the baby to the medical experts for a cure. But the people concerned are silent but demand only to kill the baby(Repeal). How can we take someone's life for no reason?

    What else can be said better than this about the adamant farmers dislike against the newly frame farm laws?

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