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    Plan B should be in place so that we need not worry if Plan A fails

    We will be attending many tasks and facing many challenges during our career or even in our family matters. It is necessary for us to see that we will overcome those challenges and come out of them successfully. For this, we have to think about the issue and see all the details and make a plan. The plan should be made meticulously considering all the issues of the work. We have to consider all the minor details also before making a plan and while implementing the plan. We should take care and see that we will not deviate from the designated plan. During the implementation of the plan, we should review in between and see whether we are progressing well or not. While planning we should not leave any loose ends and see that each and every point of the task is taken into consideration.

    Sometimes even though we consider all the details and make a plan say "Plan A", there may be a chance of failure at any stage of implementation. To take care of such unexpected eventuality we should be ready with another plan say "Plan B". If we have some plan in our hand we need not worry at that stage about planning and we will not lose time in planning. This will make us confident and we can avoid last-minute running. When we make an extra path for reaching the goal our understanding of the subject will be more and hence we will work out the plan cautiously. That will ensure our success and last minute disappointment.

    So it is always wise to have a fallback arrangement for the task we have to carry out. That will make us execute the programme with a more positive frame of mind which is necessary for success in our lives.

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    Those who have apprehensions about the success of their plans would always keep ready the plan B as the stand by in case the main plan derails for the reasons beyond expectations. And if some one keeps ready ready plan B he is facilitating others not to waste time and proceed with the work. And for such people the blame game of failure would be less as they are with action plan B.
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    It is well said that every plan will have an alternate plan as a backup which comes in handy when our original plan"A" fails due to any unfavorable reason. Many organizations or even families do keep a plan 'B' in their kitty as it is always essential to handle situations when something goes wrong or is not working as per the plan. If we are able to keep a back-up plan, say plan 'B', we can cope up with the situation without pressure or wastage of time. All experienced managers, workers and even parents do keep an alternative source or plan ready for the event when some unwanted circumstances crop up. A well thought write-up by the writer for the TOW word contest for the month-end competition.
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    The author has explained what a good plan is and how it is implemented. A perfect plan with perfect execution, generally, ends with success. The author has given the option of plan B also. When during the process of execution of the plan, the situation comes up as such that diminishes chances of success, in this situation plan B may be used in place of plan A. But one question rises if plan B is also jeopardised then - should there be another plan - plan C?
    The unexpected situation comes on the way, how to overcome it or how to manoeuvre this unexpected situation is a big challenge. Some people change the new situation into their favour or fizzle it out. But everybody can not do it. This is the point which singles out a successful person from the rest of racers. His manipulating abilities propel him and let him march thenceforth towards success.

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    This is a very interesting narration presented by author and it is really important to have some alternatives in hand in case if the main plan meets some bottleneck or have a set back in between. It makes sense to do so. In real life situation a good planner will always have some alternatives noted down in the sidelines of the main plan and depending upon the results of the work done so far a corrective action can be taken at any stage of the plan either to go ahead in the same plan or change it to the envisaged alternative plan technically known as Plan-B.
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    The author has said the truth, it is easy to make a plan but it is not always necessary to implement it in the same way as we thought, we should always maintain a plan B for this, Because many times the future situation is not completely under our control and if we have Plan B ready in this case then we will be able to save time. There is no harm in making plan B then one should not take its planning at any risk and always prepared for the second option by the second plan.

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