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    How would you end the deadlock with protesting farmers if you are given the responsibility

    Farmers continue to protest against laws that were enacted in the parliament. These laws have stored the farmers in the country and are demanding the repeal of these laws. We saw a huge protest in the national capital on the republic day with some law and order issues.
    With every passing day, these farmers protest are intensifying with support coming from across the world. Celebrities have voiced support to the farmers protest along with other political personalities raising genuine question on protests. With protest not dying down and some endorse the farmers while others calling them terrorists, the situation is disappointing!
    Although govt. hold many rounds of talks with the farmers Union but without any positive development. With many suggesting many things how would you end the deadlock with farmers, if you are given the responsibility?
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    The Centre should throw the ball into the state's court. As suggested by one of the senior politicians, an additional act covering the reform laws is a viable solution to the problem.

    Leave the option to the states whether they should follow or not to follow the three farm laws. All states that feel that they would be benefitted from the new laws show their willingness in writing. Don't bother about the states which are not willing to follow the new laws. Let them not enjoy the privileges and benefits of the new farm laws. They can maintain the status-quo.

    Leave it to the state to have their own MSP.

    Ban Adanis and Ambanis or any other corporates not dealing with Agri products from buying the the farm products.

    The above acts should satisfy the farmers, and they should give up their protest.

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    Let us have a comprehensive discussion in this thread about solution to solve farmers issue.

    Sun, having raised a thread on the solution part, you should have refrained from posting a response here and should have, instead, pointed out that a similar thread is already under discussion.

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