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    Planning: A route-map for a better growth of oneself in life

    If we look at the definition of planning, it is said to be strings of action one needs to take to achieve their dreams in life. It helps to reduce unnecessary activities, phases, resources, and funds to achieve their dreams or goal. It is very helpful to know our progress at regular intervals and also gauge ourselves and know about our taken path or decision which will help us reach our destination easily or at the right time.

    Planning is essential in all facets of life as it helps us to make a good choice on where to go, how to go, or what to follow for a better result or outcome. Everyone in life knowingly or unknowingly do their planning. A child plans to ask for his desired toys or gifts when his/her parent is in good mood or to throw tantrums till they get it. Top grade children plan their studies as per their time-table so that they can complete their portion on time and get more time to do other activities. Many children plan their daily routine as they do multitasking like other activities (sports, singing, dance, instruments, etc.), College going students plan their daily activities so that they can get time to enjoy themselves with their friends without affecting their studies. Parents plan their activities and expenses so that the house runs smoothly and everyone gets what they want. Teachers plan their subject so that they can complete their portion on time and get ample time to take a revision, schools plan their financial year so that they can achieve cent percent result, an organization plan their activity so as to achieve their target on time and make a profit, etc.

    Planning is very essential and a map which helps everyone to achieve their goals and even adjust oneself to avoid problems or crisis which erupt unexpectedly. Careful planning helps to be prepared for such problem which may arise and have a second option so that we can smoothly follow our dream without difficulty. So let's start planning for our and our loved ones' better future from now onwards.

    (My Entry for the TOW contest for January '21-Topic : 'Plan' )
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    Planning is a crucial element in our lives and without planning it is very difficult to achieve our goals for which we struggle and work hard throughout our career. Planning is nothing but foreseeing the future in an intelligent way where the person knows as what are those steps that are needed to reach the goal efficiently. Planning is not an overview but it is a sum total of so many micro planning elements to be implemented in the career and life of a person.
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    A person who lives casually without a goal and a plan to achieve that goal will not be very successful in his life. One should have a desire and he should make a route map for achieving the same and follow the road map so that you will land in the desired place at the desired time. This is a fact of life. Deciding the road map is nothing but planning. When we plan we will see all the possibilities and decide on the best option.
    Initially planning for our primary education may be done by the parents. But after that one has to plan his/ her life in such a way that he/she will get the position he desired. He had to plan his education and then he has to plan his search for a job and then the has to plan his career and further planning is also required for a happy life. Even he has to plan his family also as per the financial position and the needs of his family members. The planning should be written as a road map and show what are the various steps involved and their sequence of operations.

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