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    How to handle the disgruntled employees?

    In some organisations due to the difference of opinion or other conflicts some employees become alienated with the management and some of the notorious ones will even create embarrassment and problems to the management. These employees are known as disgruntled ones and are a threat to the security and secrecy of the concerned department. In such a situation the management should either fire them and remove from the job or find ways to engage those unhappy employees in some creative and interesting work and encourage them to participate in the development and make them feel good in the new environment. What would be your choice in such a case? Remove them or improve them?
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    As mentioned by the author we will be seeing some such employees who will create problems for the management.
    In our organisation, we used to have our own vehicles and we used to appoint drivers on company roles. We wanted to outsource the vehicles and drivers. One driver was very adamant and he used to misbehave with managers and other seniors. So we decide to transfer all the drivers into the production department so that they will not lose their jobs and they can be taken as the machine operators. But one driver never agreed for that and he wanted to be a driver only. Then I called him separately and told him that by going into production he will get the benefits more. But he is not willing. Then I proposed to him. The vehicle he is driving will be sold to him and the cost will be deducted in EMIs. He will rent the vehicle to the company and he will be the driver. The agreement is for 5 years and every year there will be a revision and after 5 years the loan will be completely repaid and he will be the owner of the vehicle. He agreed for that proposal and he became perfect. After two years he got a job in RTC but continued the vehicle to the company by appointing a driver. He used to thank me always for the suggestion I gave him. So we can change the mentality of employees by making win-win situations to both the parties involved.

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    How to Deal with a Disgruntled Employee. If others see that you permit employees to be disgruntled, they're a lot more likely to become ...

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    Under the present situation, it is really difficult to manage such disgruntled staffs since they would get support from the union leaders. These leaders even would threaten the management to halt the production of the shop if his demands are not met immediately. Workers are aware of the loopholes of the management and management would try to avert such a situation leading to unrest of the workforce.
    Such a flexible stands of the management make the employees more indisplined and disgruntled. However, we have seen some positive changes in the attitudes of the management. Now the union leaders cannot bargain much beyond a certain point and accordingly there has been corresponding drop of adamant attitudes of the workforce. They are now no more disgruntled because of absence of support of unions.

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    Nowadays the hire or fire system is not supported. The management as well employee will get suffered if the management fire the employee suddenly. As the management would offer a valued training to the the employees of such situation the management would face a loss or hampering in its daily routine. Besides union etc., the management should fix an enquiry by fixing an officer as enquiry officer where the side of employee can get explained as well make the employee to understand his mistake if he is wrong. Based on the findings of the enquiry officer the management can dismiss or taking back the employee with reduced increment or warning etc.

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    If the employees of an organization are not happy it can hamper the production and can also earn a bad name for the company. Firing those employees cannot be the ideal solution. Rather, their issues need to be addressed. There may be some differences in opinion between the management and a couple of employees but the management has to sort out the differences. In this case, suppose if those disgruntled employees are fired and a set of new employees are hired it cannot be guaranteed that those new employees will not differ in opinion with the management. Wherever there is a difference, it has to be sorted out and for that good management skills are essential. After a lot of negotiations if some employees are unable to mend their ways then the organization can think of some drastic actions. Otherwise, ways must be found to sort out the differences.

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    Most of the senior employees by virtue of their experience and trust by the management so enjoy lots of facilities and patronage much to the embarrassment of the lower ranks and the senior employees always over power the juniors and this goes on. But the main situation comes when junior employee by virtue of his smart knowledge and captivating mentality may become the new trusted boy over night and slowly the importance shifts from the seniors to the juniors. This is were the disgruntled takes place and the vengeance on the new employee grows as well. But the management has to be careful because there need to be over all vigil and behavior of seniors thus fuming because it may gives rise to loss without knowledge for the company. And the new employee should be careful and give respect to the seniors.
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    Someone who becomes a headache for the management or even try to disgruntle management by his misbehaviour or malfunctioning, nobody can protect him from being fired in any business organisation, however, if the management has no alternative of this particular employee he can be tolerated until another candidate is chosen in place him but eventually, he will have to go for irritating management. Company does not depend on employees. Management can release an advertisement for recruitment and hundreds of applicants will stand in a queue. Especially, in the present scenario, unemployment is on peak and educated youth are running after a job.

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