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    Our destiny is plan"ed”. Myth or rational?

    "As you sow so shall you reap"

    In the simplest form this means that you are the result of your own actions. Going ahead, your future would also depend on what you do now.

    We may have different interpretations of the above based on our experiences and belief system and accordingly one can deny or accept this as a myth or rational. For an instance, a student devotedly prepares for various competitive exams but in the end not able to clear one. There are different perspectives here. One is that others may have an edge which can be said to be a rational assessment and secondly, this student may have destined for something else which can deliberately be more on spiritual side.

    We got another perspective which believes in the combination of both and which says that one only can control his actions, but the results or the outcomes are controlled by someone else. During one's lifetime, numerous things happen, and we keep on wondering on about how come that those became evident and at the same time unable to relate and we may then bound to believe in the existence of some superpower which takes control of these that we only can experience but cannot be proved.

    However, we are left with the only choice to keep on trying on what we can do best and leave the rest because we will never know on about how and when the implications of our own actions will come back to us. May be this is what the destiny is all about and is for sure is not a myth.

    (This is my entry for the TOW contest – "Plan")
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    The mysteries of human lives are yet to be unravelled and there are many grey areas which are yet to be understood. The purpose of life is not known and also the origin of life is also equally unknown. Various scholars have given various theories and it is up to the understanding of an individual to believe in one that looks rational and logical as per the individual perception. In spite of doing our best we cannot predict the results as there is a great amount of uncertainty there in the final outcomes on our lives. So, in our scriptures a simple doctrine is provided to us that do your work and forget about the result.
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    I strongly feel that our destiny is planned and I can site many examples in this regard. That we have born as human beings is itself a big plan from the God because through us many have to be benefited, many have to be taught, and many have to be reached out. Every move of us is not ours but written in the destiny before hand and we are just following the commands from inner voice. When we meet some person suddenly either it would end with a favor or loss and this I have experienced personally. If you think that our life is made by us and controlled by us is completely wrong notion . When we cannot predict what can happen the next minute then how could we gauge our destiny. Therefore it is not the myth but the reality as the destiny is pre planned actions being initiated in our present life and we think we are the winners.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    We have to believe destiny. But we can't stop working thinking that what has to happen will happen. One should aim, work and leave the outcome to God. Then whatever due to you will come to you. This is what we understand from Bhagavadgita. So we should always work hard, try again and again.
    Many people feel that if you have a strong desire for a particular thing, somehow you will get it. That means as the desire is very strong we will try all the ways and leave no stone unmoved for attaining the success. That will ensure success. Getting that strong desire is itself the destiny which will make you work in that direction.

    always confident

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