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    Follow conventional methods in our daily routine

    Today morning I went to a nearby hospital for getting routine check up for my cousin brother. When we were waiting an old lady who was normally 75 years old came there to collect some tablets. By seeing her hair I astonished as it was very nourished with some white hairs. Amidst this the girl in reception who was about 25 asked that old lady without controlling her curiosity about the secret of her good grown hair. She casually told her that,'no secret ma! Just use coconut oil or gingly oil regularly. Never use any hair oil or shampoo. If you want to put shampoo ask elders of your house, there are many natural shampoos. Most important is never spread the hair untied. A good way tying helps nourished hair with beauty'.
    I just astonished on her casual advise but it should be kept in the minds of present youngsters.
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    This is the right thing, in today's youth, the effect of age starts to appear more quickly, mainly because the youth is shifting more towards the chemical side except for domestic and natural things. Our elderly are more healthy than not only the upper body but also the inner body. Nowadays at a young age, the reason for people having joint pain, various hormonal diseases, etc. is that they have distanced themselves from nature. This world is based on nature and we are all part of this nature, if we walk with nature then it will be more beneficial.

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    Natural herbal is the best remedy for us. Old people like conventional method to keep themselves fit and healthy. We are in the age of latest technology. Every year some new research or latest device or latest product is produced before the world. We are accustomed to run after latest product concerning our health, life style or general use.

    Present generation is facing various diseases which were never experienced in past. What its reason is, I think, in gone days people were close to nature. They were habitual to get up before sun rising. Their life was discipined and all their activities were well organised. They would consume pure diet, unlike us who are accustomed to consume adulterated food. It is very much possible if pure food is offered to us we might not be able to digest it. Our immunity power is not so much strong as they had.
    We use products which contain harmful chemicals. My grandmother (mother of my mother) died at 97 years old but she had all her teeth strong and shining till her end, whereas my one tooth has started troubling me.

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    Conventional methods are very good and give good results. In our house, aged people will give good tips for small health issues. If we implement them the results will be good. Coconut oil is a very good remedy for many problems. In our childhood, my mother used to apply coconut oil to my hair regularly. We never used shampoo during our childhood. We were using natural soap nuts for head bath.
    Even in the Chemistry laboratory, some wet analysis methods were developed for analysing various items. But later on, many instruments were made and methods were developed with those instruments for analysis. But if there is any dispute between the analyser and the other party, it is customary to use these conventional methods to decide on the correctness of the analysis.

    always confident

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    Nice advice from the author as we forget to use conventional methods during our daily life and thus suffer from want of right advice. Conventional methods are time tested and proven by elders of our homes and hence no side effects and sure results. Our Indian homes are filled with natural herbs and we use the same in daily life and unfortunately we do not give credence to the results obtained by the past users. Now the awareness is created to bring back the conventional methods again and we are now getting more accustomed. Modern methods may be easy and conventional methods are time tested.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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