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    Planning is not a guarantee of success

    We all make many plans in our day-to-day life. For different goals, we make different plans like travel plan, study plan, management plan, business plan, financial plan, long-term plan, short-term plan, etc. A plan is a temporary set of intended tasks which include steps, timings and resources required to achieve a goal. A plan is very important because it is the base that helps in achieving the goals. And it is very difficult to get success without proper and time-bound planning. By making proper plans and following them, one can stay focused, fixed targets, and meet the deadline which can lead to success. So plans are helpful to set the goals.

    But anyone's success does not depend on plans only and he/she needs to work hard to achieve the goals. A plan can't give the success guarantee but helps to move towards success.

    Results unfold with the execution of the plans. And the outcomes may differ from the expectations hence, sometimes there may be a need to revise a plan. It also gives an opportunity to learn from the failures and correct the mistake and move ahead with the revised plan. For example, in a company, an employee has to submit his project report. He has planned to submit his report by the end of the next week. But due to the pendency of data or error in data, he/ she will not be able to submit his report and he/she has to modify his plan. So everything does not go as planned. It is also not necessary that the plan that worked today will also work tomorrow. And, of course, you never know what will work? So it is required to always make a proper plan with the aims and strategies that have a further scope of revision.

    Definitely, making plans helps but does not guarantee success, but reduces the number of attempts and wastage of time. Proper execution and implementation is the most important thing. So, make plans, follow them till the execution and revise, if needed.

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    It is correct but planning is a step forward towards success. We plan many things but if some problem arises during the execution of a plan it can create a lot of problems. Ultimately, if the plan is not executed properly the desired results cannot be obtained and in that case, we cannot term it as a success. The situation plays a big role here which is understood from the example of an employee who couldn't submit the proposed project report because of want of data and had to change the plan to submit it in time. At times, it is important to make a contingency plan according to the outcome of certain events. The result is obtained only after execution of a plan and unless a plan is executed we cannot predict failure or success on the basis of the proposed plan.

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    Nicely said by the author as the planning does not assure the success and there are outside forces which act against our interest and thus the plan goes for the six. For example we might have planned for a trip to a place by train and the Railways suddenly cancel the train due to up coming rakes met with an accident and derailed and in this case the Railways decision was so sudden and we have to face the brunt even after great planning One thing is sure our plan is kept under suspended animation till the last effort is made.
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    Perfect planning is the first step to go up or it may be taken as a foundation of the whole building of success. How a building can be erected until it rises upon strong foundations.
    So planning and execution both are highly important for success. Neither planning nor execution may give a guarantee of success, but while both coming together give a guarantee with a little possibility of failure too. Sometimes, circumstances, especially, vagaries change the whole scenario in the eleventh hour of the result.

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    The purpose of a plan is manifold. First thing is that it makes a sequence of things to be done so that there is no mix up. Then second thing is to do the job in an orderly fashion in quickest time possible. Third thing is to use methods and tools for its effective implementation. Next thing is to monitor and take corrective actions during the execution of the plan. So, many precautions and care are to be taken for the effective implementation and then only we can hope to achieve a good result. Even after doing so much, sometimes some adverse situations would arise and the plan may fail also. We have to be ready for such an eventuality and in real life situations it is no surprise that such failures often happen. Life is like that only and however best the plan may be sometimes it would not materialise. At the same time a repeated failure of plans is a serious matter and requires a review to be taken so that major policy changes or corrective actions can be thought upon.
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    This is true, we cannot achieve our goal just by planning. If a person is looking to do business, then he will decide his business field for him, then plans based on it, but if he does not implement that plan in the same way, then he should not expect much success in business. During planning, it should also be kept in mind that whatever plan you make, include the same things which are capable for you. Many times people make their goals by looking at others and start planning. It is also wrong to do so. Learn from others, seek guidance from them, but do not copy them because everyone's competence and circumstances are different.

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    This is an interesting post that even if we plan something it is not necessary that it would happen as per our plan only. Definitely, there are many factors internal as well as external which decide the ultimate outcome of a plan. We can only do our efforts in a correct direction and hope for the good results. Anyway, if something adverse happens and results are not in line with our plans then we have to take corrective actions.
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    That is always true. Making plans is OK. But executing them only will give you success. Some people make plans and spend a lot of time in planning. Then they will be left with a little time to execute the plan and they may not be able to complete the execution within the time frame. So they will lose. Alone planning will be of no use. Sometimes working without a plan also may give you success. But planning alone will never give you success. Time is the essence. Planning and exciting in time only win ensure success.
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    A well-framed write-up about planning. Where everyone has given the positive side, the writer has pointed out the other side of the coin that Planning is not a guarantee of success. As mentioned by the writer, good and detailed planning can help us to stay focused, fixed targets, and meet the deadline which can help us to reach our set goal and lead to success but as highlighted, there can be other hurdles that pop-up without our knowledge like power failure, crashing of our system, traffic jam, sudden financial crunch, sudden medical attention, etc which cannot be explained or listed but as a good planner, one will always keep a back-up or extended time frame that can help to reach the target on time or without delay. Many things do not go as per our plan and there is a power above everything called the Almighty but through hard work, dedication and willpower, one can overcome any hurdles that come in front of him/her and even the supreme power will be in favour of the one who keeps on trying.
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    To complete a task nicely one should have a plan to do it and should take appropriate actions. People make plan and when the time comes to execute it they fail because they don't put that much effort in it what they are required to do it. Sometimes we find it difficult to reach the target, in that case we should revise our plan and should learn from the mistakes and make the plan fool proof so that we may accomplish what we want to.

    Some people blame the plan but they forget that only making plan is never going to do anything unless we work hard to achieve the goals. Also we should remember that plan should be like that it's not that easy that a person achieves the target without doing much effort . It should be like one has to put in enough efforts to achieve the target and it should not be a biased one.


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    As per Think and grow rich book Planning is important step to make anything possible. If you don't plan then this is not possible to make any thing success. As per book imagination, faith and desire etc is also important before planning. Even after planning, organized planning, persistence and mastermind is also required.

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