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    Is basic learning of your local language simple or difficult?

    When a child starts their education, they first start learning their local language. In India, so many different and varied languages are there with great language culture. My own language Telugu is a sweet language and this language is described to be the Italian of the East. To learn my language, one has to learn Varnamala and Guninthalu. It is very interesting to note that the Varnamala and Guninthalu will be the same as that of the Hindi language. Even though the basic alphabets are the same as that of Hindi but my language quite different from Hindi. To learn our Telugu language one has to learn these alphabets perfectly and have to practice writing words and phrases perfectly. Learning Grammar plays an important role in learning the Telugu language. Reading, writing, and speaking makes one perfect in our language. Members, please enlighten about the basic learning of your local language.
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    Learning any language will be easy for a person who is interested in learning that language and has a passion for it. When we have been listening to a language since childhood, it seems easy to use but it is relatively difficult to learn any language after growing up. My local language is Hindi, which is quite common, it is easy for me in general language, but still, your knowledge in a language will be considered only if you have correct knowledge of the letters of that language as well as its grammar. And this is a very strange fact, but the truth is that many people do not have as much clarity about their local language regarding grammar as they should.
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    I am also a Telugu person. I like the Telugu Language very much. In my graduation also my second language is Telugu and in all examinations, I got more than 60%. Reading, writing and speaking of Telugu is not that easy. Writing required a lot of practice. Many people speak Telugu. But they are not good at writing or understanding the same. Reading is also difficult for them. There are many compound letters where the pronunciation is complicated. It requires a lot of practice to learn this language. In Today's Telugu, many letters are removed. They wanted to make the language easy.
    As mentioned by the author Telugu is a very sweet language. The great Kannada King Sri Krishnadevaraya mentioned that among all the languages of the country Telugu is the best. But these days we find a few people only who can understand Telugu literature.

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    In their tender age the children can learn any language they are asked to learn as the brain picks up things very fast and memory is also very sharp at that time. So picking up the local language is not a difficult thing and in most of the cases it is acquired in a natural way. Problem comes when one grows up and then tries to learn a new language and it really becomes a very difficult task and I think we all are experienced of that especially those who have worked in organisations where one gets transfer from one place to another in the vast laps of our country. I strongly feel that the children should be taught more number of languages since their early education so that they normally have proficiency in them. This is the easiest thing that we can incorporate in our primary education policy.
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    According to me no language is difficult as we can see and experience that even small child picks up the local language so easily why because the observation and the interest to learn. If children can learn so fast, then why not the adults. But in some cases people who are transfers from their home land feels that they need to go back to same state and thus need not learn the local language. My mother was in Hyderabad for 55 years and she never felt to learn the Telugu language and she was thinking that she would return back to Chennai. That way many people are keeping away from learning the local language. However I feel that it would be added advantage to all to learn all the languages and it is easy to pick up when we move with the local people and ask them to be our temporary tutor to get accustomed to new language.
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    All languages are beautiful. Some languages are said to be difficult and some are easy. I have heard that Malayalam is the toughest of all languages in all Dravidian languages. The author has introduced his language Telugu and has compared with Hindi, it means Telugu is not a difficult language to learn. Every language which is the medium of primary education and spoken as vernacular in a particular region is easy to be learnt. Hindi is one of the easiest languages. Grammar is also not tough to grasp.

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    To know means Reading and Writing ability of any local languages in middle age is not so easy. In various state in our country , it is essential to know the local language of a state to get any Govt. Jobs in that state . Hence many are learning so at their childhood easily. But for adult it is very difficult to learn that. Apart from mother language ,Hindi and English can be learn easily. But there are many languages in our country, only exceptional language lover can do it.
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