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    PRC bomb was exploded to employees and teachers in Telangana

    Recently, a big bomb of explosion was happened to the govt employees and teachers in Telangana. They got frustration on the PRC report announced by three member comittee arranged by the government. In 2014, Telangana government announced 43% fitment. Now it is only 7.5%. Employee and teacher unions condemned this report and threw it away by torning it. On Tuesday, PRTU union is going to conduct agitation at district level. What would be happened next in Telangana?
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    Everywhere Govt employees demand more pay and do agitations. As per the news they are demanding 65% fitment while Govt has given them 7.5%. That is the problem in Govt and that is why everywhere Govt is reducing the Govt employees and gong for private partnership. So, by doing agitations and protests the Govt employees are making the future bleak for our youngsters to get Govt job because if these agitations continue no Govt will like to recruit people to work in the Govt sector. So, we are ourselves creating this ugly situation. In our country people are not getting even a small job and Govt employees are asking for higher and higher remuneration. How is it justified?
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    There is always a tussle between over expectations and the reality. In this case the govt teachers seems to have asked for to much fitment and that was turned down by the committee and obviously the teachers got irked. By the way the CM KCR once expressed his unhappiness over the performances of the govt teachers as they are not getting ranks to the children on par with the private schools and the attendance at govt school are receding even though good nutritious food is offered as free lunch daily. Invariably the govt teachers are enjoying the present job without even hike and thus the committee must have recommended just increase of fitment.
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    Government employees want more and more facilities and monetary benefits. Their demand is unending. Ask any government employee if he is happy to what he is offered by the government, he will reply in negative.
    India is facing an unemployment problem on large scale. Educated youth is loitering for jobs. This situation is getting grim. I think the government should redesign the pay scale and other allowances given to government employees. Privatisation is not the solution to this problem. Reformation is required here. Proper planning should be made and executed quite honestly.

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    Once upon a time, it was true that the salaries for government jobs are less. But it is not true now. They are getting very good payment and almost all the facilities that are being given to private employees. In addition to that, they have additional chances to work and earn more during the non-working hours. They get yearly increments. They get DA revisions and again once in a while revisions. What more they want. No private company has given increment last year and this year due to COVID 19. 7.5% hike is a very good step up. They will be getting yearly increments as usual.
    Every time agitating for a hike in the salary has become a practice. Many people are suffering even without a job. Why the government is planning to privatise all the jobs. Mainly due to this problem only. One should understand the ground realities before going for any agitation. Probably public may not support the agitation of these employees.

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    Once a teacher joins in a government school, he thinks that his job is secured and no one can relieve him from the present post. Though their salaries are better than the teachers teaching in private schools, they remain dissatisfied with the perks enjoyed by them. They adopt some tricks to pressurise the management for the hike of their salaries. They have no concern even for the pupils receiving education in the schools. The government teachers lack that much accountability what is imposed by the managements of private schools. The governments both state level and private levels are worried about the excess burden of payments and are now trying to curtail the same so as to avoid the heavy outflow of cash. This has led to review of their hikes from the committee and this seems justified.

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    Most of the members expressed their views on hiking the salaries of government employees, pensioners and teachers. You have to remember one thing that this PRC was established in the month of June, 2018. Generally, any government gives IR to the employees before setting the fitment to the employees. Same thing was happened in case of the employees of Andhra Pradesh. Before Covid time, there is a gap of 20 months. In the gap, if you are employees then you can expect the monetary benefit lost by you. Having patience, employees have been waiting still now from the government to get PRC. But, they could not expect such a low fitment. They ask the government that if the situations are not good there is no urgent to apply the fitment now. You can give with suitable fitment after three years as chief secretary has told because the financial status of Telangana will become fruitful after three years.
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