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    Is just making plan sufficient?

    There are people in the society who make plans and when it comes to execute it they find it difficult to excecute or they are too lazy to work on their own plans.

    I am also in the same category who make plans but leave them in the middle and so don't get success. We should remember that to finish off the tasks successfully one has to make a good plan and then has to work on it otherwise just making a plan is like "Making a plan without the right tools is like making spaghetti without a pot." So do plan and work hard to adhere them.

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    Good question fro m the author that by merely envisaging a grand plan may not gives rise to authentic performance and quality assurance as it must be accompanied with actions and follow up. The planning may be superlative, the execution might have been on right time, but what about follow ups and after effects being faced in the process and if the complaints and doubts are not cleared , there are every chance of escalation of disruption and even stoppage if the solution is not provided. One thing is sure a good plan should have a dedicated staff to pursue and perform to the hilt for better results.
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    The author's observation is quite correct. There are many people who like to make new plans and for a few days such people also follow every new plan, but after a few days their enthusiasm decreases and either these people start careless or they plan. Let's leave and start making a new plan. The problem with such people is that these people are not able to make their concentrate on any work.

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    The author is an honest person who admits that he is lazy. But I assure you I am a bigger lazy. I produce innumerable plans and keep them into junk.
    No success can be expected until planning is executed. Sometimes, it happens that planning is made in best form and execution is carried out in right manner too but outcome dosn't come positive. It may be due mishandling or mismanagement or lack of mutual cooperation or communication gap between concerned people.

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    The author is very correct. Making planes alone will not give you the desired result. It is the execution part which decides the outcome. Sitting in a chair, thinking and making a plan may be easy. But the toughest part is the execution. Many times we find it very difficult to execute the work in the way it is planned. That is why we should involve the executors also in planning so that they can explain to you the real obstacles that may come in your way when you start executing the works.
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    Your write-up opened the topic of "New Year Resolution" which normally many of us make but seldom follow. Many follow it for 2-3 days, or a week and some for few months but then find it difficult to follow due to various reasons like mentioned by the writer, laziness, poor planning, time adjustment, other commitments, etc and it remains as a note on our wall or book. In the same way, many of us make big-big plan say about getting up early in the morning, start studying in the morning, do regular exercise, eat more healthy food or avoid junk food, learn something new, improve vocabulary, etc but as the day passes, it just remains a plan and we keep on pushing it to future dates due to our laziness. If we want to come out of the egg, we need to break the shell with force and it needs dedication, hard work and commitment. So as mentioned, just making a plan not sufficient but one needs to work hard to adhere to them to achieve success.
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    No doubt planning is essential to execute jobs and in that sense, we don't lag behind. We have the planning to improve ourselves in the different fields such as improvement of our vocabulary , inclusion of healthy nuts and seasonal fruits so as to derive health benifits, to get up from the bed in the early hours, taking up morning walks on regular basis and so on. Even we start seriously in all such activities but leave it in between say after a month or so. Seriousness is lacking from the inner core of our heart. We may blame the prevailing circumstances or our present job hindering in doing the present planned activities. Hence instead of blaming the situation, we need to amend our own ways to achieve success in our chosen activities.

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