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    Is it the laziness or craze that drives many to seek doles?

    The election is around the corner in some states so the ruling parties are busy to give out doles. The oppositions are also announcing many schemes in their manifestos where they are promising certain freebies. These things are quite usual in our country and nobody minds for it. I agree India is a poor country and to uplift the economic condition of the poor there must be some government aid. I do not know whether the freebies are truly reaching the beneficiaries or not but I am surprised at the attitude of many who always wish to avail those benefits although they are not entitled to avail them in any way. I know many of you are aware of this fact and there were threads posted on this issue but I am trying to look for an answer to find out why many people do such things? You may say that those people are lazy and do not wish to work and hence looking for an opportunity to goof-off but is it really so? I find them really crazy. The craze to accumulate more, whatever may be the material, is somehow driving people to avail benefits which are not meant for them. Members, what do you say?
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    The power hungry party and the leaders are coming out with such schemes and doles to satisfy the voters so that they can stay in power and seek next tenure. But the doles have become so routine and bore the voters now want cash for vote. In some cases the voters are promising to vote to every party they are being approached to vote and being hugely benefited. One of the youth voter got 9000 rupees from three thousand each from each party in the recently concluded elections and voted to his choice. This way the parties are targeting the first voter or the youth with money doles and that becomes advantages. Even the students are called for campaign trials for which 800 rupees with food are paid daily. So the election time is the money making period for the poor who are free and easy to be lured to the election gimmicks
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    Elections are coming in several states and it's a crucial time for all political parties which are going to contest elections. Parties allure voters by taking out attractive promises from their bags. Before elections, these voters become honourable people for these leaders and after elections, these leaders disappear and go in silent mode. People are also so much insensitive that they don't realise who is deceiving them. Emotional issues are raised on every stage and people are easily carried away. I think these leaders are an artist who knows how to stupify people. They raise different issues in different parts of the country.
    I see the youth is looking for a job but they find it very hard to get it to come true. The price hike is up but no voice is heard about the price hike. We have become like a robot. We do as we are instructed. Many of us do not realise that these leaders play with us. We follow political parties without using our reasoning power. We are sequacious to their speeches and words. We seek infallibility in them. What more can be said?

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    The freebies may not be fully reaching the people for whom they are meant. To get the freebies, there will be certain procedures and here the political middle persons' involvement will be more. They collect their booty in advance. The beneficiaries may be getting the freebies but they have to pay the middlemen in advance.
    It is not the question of laziness but the craze for anything free is the main reason for people who are not eligible to get these freebies. The office staff also encourage them for a certain consideration. All are happy except the taxpayer. We find offers for sales. Such sales are popular as people think that they will be getting something more for free. This is human nature. We always like to get something for free.

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    Most of the people are by nature greedy and cannot ignore an invitation for a free lunch. Political parties will take advantage of this inherent nature of the general masses and lure them with various scheme and doles. Voters will also make beeline for the goodies if being delivered by the prospective candidates. This is an age old phenomenon and still continuing with full zeal and vigour
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    It would be futile to talk about the moral conduct or ethics in the present phase of election. The leaders would do everything to woo the voters. Even the voters would not have any hesitation in accepting the freebies and if they some amount of cash, it would be still better. They want their rewards immediately be it in the form of cash or any other dole. It would ultimately appear a funny bargaining when they enjoy equal amount of cash from all the leaders contesting in their areas but a single leader would be the benificiary in the election campaign. However, the leaders would avail of the cash multiple times from the contestant leaders.

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    The author discussed a serious subject and everyone should think about the subject. Some people are mean and greedy to such an extent that the entire family of a poor person has to be hungry for a long time in order to fulfill one of their greed. These poor people get some hope when the government or other institution thinks about their interest and even then some greedy people start taking advantage of them first. Surprisingly is more so when officers in high positions, who are also from a rich family, also come to prove their selfishness. Such people have forgotten the meaning of the word humanity.

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    They are crazy only. They want to accumulate wealth as much as possible. I know many people who work in private companies don't show their income and they will try to get some freebies. But now with Adhaar card and PAN card linking with almost all financial transactions, such things are coming down. I know people who were getting two pensions. But such people are now getting only one pension as the Aadhaar link is there.
    But the question whether the aids are reaching the deserved is very pertinent. The actual benefactors are not the real deserving cases. There are many middlemen who will swallow some part of the amounts sanctioned by the government. Even the reservations for poor students and jobs for SC/ST candidates are not going for the actually deserving cases.

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