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    Cordial relations with employees paves way for good production

    If the company boss has the close relations and cordial understanding with each employees, there cannot be woes and complaints of what so ever and the production would be smooth and going. The employees needs and wants has to be urgently taken care of. Like advance salary money in case of emergencies, paying for medical expenses and then deducting from salary, arranging food for the over time employees.These are the few reach out methods through which a employee gets into confidence level and works more.
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    A company wants profit. A Manager being responsible for getting work done by employees has to give best results to management. How he gets work done is his quality. He has to deal with employees with sympathy like if the employee needs advance payment he should sanction it. If an employee wants to have left, he should adjust it and should grant him leave. Such a manager can be called a fatherly figure. Even if the manager is harsh on employees, they can do nothing, they have to work quietly and if they don't work properly, they will face rudeness from the manager. Such a manager has an autocratic style, who knows how to get work done by dictating them. I think the relationship between a manager and employees should be based on professional terms. A manager wants more production and employees are required to produce the required quantity of products. A manager should heed to the grievance of his employees, it will motivate them to work more efficiently.

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    Employees are an important component in any company as they write the success of these institutions. Without these employees, the company would come to a grinding halt and meet a dead end. Companies always look for professional and capable employees to herald achievement and mark new heights, and allow their employees to flourish, progress and prosper. Providing a better environment for the employees is a vital part of the company's policy which help in encouraging the employees and coordinate in the successful endeavours. Cordial relation uplifts the performance of employees and therefore, it is prerequisite to encourage and maintain better relations with the employees.

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    The relation between the worker and the boss should be like water and the fish but not like fish and fishermen. Then only the company progress well. When we treated company workers cordially and give then a feeling that they are also responsible for the growth of the company, they will feel happy and they will further help in other activities also. When there is a problem on the shop floor, if we go and discuss with all the concerned, beautiful suggestions will come. As they spend more time on the shop floor, they will have a better understanding. When we make them a part in decision making they will see that their suggestions will be successful. That is the reason I used to make them a part when there is a problem in the production line.
    When the management takes care of the employees they will be loyal to the company. If they feel that the management is not taking care of them, their behaviour will be entirely different.

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