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    To plan or not to plan?

    Planning has become essential for many a task including pleasure trips. A well-devised plan helps to get a task completed in an orderly manner without any hiccups. Planning is also essential to succeed in life. In a planned work, we know what we are going to do in a sequence. Everything is done in a preplanned manner. Even if any problem arises, there will be an alternative plan to overcome the unexpected problem.
    A well-planned tour also goes smoothly as per the itinerary and arrangements we make in advance.
    What is lacking in this is adventure and thrill. We may complete the tour and come back in a normal manner. In case, we do not plan, and just go ahead with a trip, there will be thrills and adventure. The itinerary changes according to our whims and fancy, and we may be facing some inconveniences but ultimately we solve those problems and enjoy the trip more than a planned one. We may get some opportunities to visit unexpected places, experiences, and make unexpected acquaintances. In fact, I had tried it on some occasions and enjoyed those unplanned trips.

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    Plan or not to plan is individual choice but the catch is in anchoring of activities to a fixed guiding marker. Plan is nothing but a program to be executed in future and more we anticipate about it in details and foresee the elements required in its execution, more comfortable we will be during execution. Planning is sometimes tedious and requires much pondering and precision and at times can be a stressful exercise and from that angle sometimes it would be a good change if one plunges in some work without planning and enjoys the free hand drive.
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    Sometimes when we do the work suddenly the thrill of that moment is more cherish-able. When we plan and that does not happen we keep on pondering over the same again and again. Suppose we make a visit to one of the long distance relative much to their surprise, that would be more thrilling. But sometime it would be reverse back also. If the same person was not there and our visit goes waste and that would be the nest example for not planing in advance and going waste. Be it small task or the big issue, planning need to be done no matter it may be temporary plan and later amended.
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    Doing the things as and when required will give you some excitement and thrill. But one should be able to withstand the risk. For example, you think of going to a place on a particular date. Once the date is fixed you can reserve your ticket. Otherwise, the uncertainty will give you anxious moments but not excitement. One should plan the travel. You can make a broad plan. You can decide that you will stay there for 4 days. You need not make detailed planning for those 4 days. You can decide what you will do after going there. That itself will give you a lot of excitement. You can choose your activities which will give you a lot of excitement and thrill.
    Once you decide the days of stay at that particular place, you can reserve your return tickets also. Otherwise, you will have a lot of tension till you start your journey back and get into the vehicle which will take you to your destination.

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    There are some petty matters and small jobs which can be taken up without a plan. When it comes to bigger tasks and projects, then I think, it is not possible to go ahead without a documented plan which every team member can refer and work ahed for the common goal. A plan is the only way to foresee the coming events and the ways to tackle them in a sequential or parallel manner element wise.
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