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    Whom do you vote in elections?

    ISC members understand the above question. I vote for 'Nota' in elections definitely. You can confuse that why I am saying. As example, I would like to tell a story. Once upon a time, there was a deer in a forest. A hunter saw this animal and went behind it to catch it. A tiger was infront of deer while the deer is running. Then, the deer is in conflict in which side it had to run. Finally, it had a sudden idea that to prevent from them with a trick to pretend as a dead one? Like that, it was escaped from both hunter and tiger. Like that, here two parties are like tiger and hunter. Nota is a trick to be played by me as deer. If so, you are in deer( voter), how would you proceed?
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    No political party is perfect and no politician is perfect so we do not have much choice. In such a condition the voter is in dilemma whether to vote or not and if vote then whom to vote. Another approach is to compare the parties and find out which is the relatively better one. It makes sense to go for that as we can expect development from them. It is the discretion of the voter as what is his expectations from the new leader or the party and if he is convinced that they would deliver the desired expectations then can vote to them. Until one party gets majority the Govt functioning would not start in a proper way.
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    To which party we will vote is a confidential matter and one should not openly discuss such issues. We have to consider various points before taking a decision. The party to which the candidate belongs and what is the history of that party will also be considered. Then the candidate's past history and his attitude will also be considered. Our relations with the candidate are also should be given importance.
    I like party A. But the candidate contesting may not be good. The other candidate may be good. But Party B is not good. Many things like this will come and create some conflicts. Now there is a NOTA option available. There is a chance we can utilise.
    No party is perfect. There are many issues with each party. The way how you look at it is more important. Many times we feel like not voting for anybody.

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    Everyone will make many promises until they get the vote and win. Once they have won the position, they will not look back at the people. Then they have no hesitation in jumping to another party regardless of which party they won from. Those seen in the Congress today will be in the BJP tomorrow and vice versa. They will make the people who vote just asses. People have to decide not to vote for those who jump back and forth. Care should be taken to vote for the new candidates. Giving a vote for Nota is a waste.

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    As a respectful voter we must exercise our voting rights wisely and should not waste. By choosing Nota you might have registered your vengeance as protest not finding the right candidate, but what is the use your Nota is not not going to serve any purpose and you have thus wasted it , Instead we should vote for the best among the candidates no matter he may be independent. I do agree that none of the candidate are worth voting and the EC must be doing its job wisely by denying the ticket for the wrong doers and criminals entering politics but having giving them the nod we have to choose among the best worst candidates and later demand a good work from them. Now a days the social media is doing wonders in taming the pubic representatives if he fails to keep the promise so next time never vote for Nota.
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    The Author has carefully answered his plan to act as NOTA ,I think it is not sufficient to achieve the system plan of voting right. In my situation I will always go for the wining party. Those who has win , I had cast vote to him. Every body now a days know their option to whom the vote will be given but does not open their mouth. In case of a person who is directly connected with any Political Party or actively related in a Party can express his opinion openly and they can also campaign in favor of the party to the general public to cast vote .But general public never declared their opinion about this publicly because of a fear factor. This is the actual picture of voting system in India the 2nd largest Democracy in the world. Therefore while casting your valuable votes please be sure that its goes to the right person who can look after you or your country with honesty. Thanks.
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    I have never tried NOTA. In present parliament about 50% members of parliament are accused of any criminal case. Who elected them? Obviously, us, the people. I have to see which candidates are coming from which party in the next elections in our state.
    I see candidate instead, if a particular candidate is good and has a good track record, I like to vote for him. I have not decided yet which candidate I will vote for, however, a few names are being highlighted who may come in the next elections in our constituency. I don't think much about elections.

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    I did use NOTA. The NOTA vote may not have any impact on the result but it is a way of expressing our dissatisfaction with all the contesting candidates. The political parties forgot ethics and selecting the candidates with dubious record as their candidates in the elections. The NOTA was introduced with a hope that the system will be cleansed over a period of time.
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