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    Along with the garden, it is also important to compliment the gardener.

    Whenever we go to a beautiful place, many times the nature of there or sometimes the human creations done there add to the beauty of that place. We also feel quite relaxed and happy visiting such places. In a garden, when we walk on green grass, we see beautiful and colorful flowers around, then we get lost in its beauty and the idea comes again and again in the mind that there are so many beautiful flowers, how positive vibes in the garden, what a comfort and peace in the shade of the tree and cool air.

    Meanwhile, many times a person comes and says that remove the children from this area, do not pluck the flowers. Then many times the reaction of some people is wrong, they also get angry at the person who is coming and disturbing them.

    But did that person really come to disturb you? No, it is not that the person stops or interrupts so that you and we do not disturb nature. Many times, some people will hold the branches of trees, touch the flowers to take selfies. This method is completely wrong.

    When we praise a beautiful garden, then we should keep in mind that there is someone who takes care of it and we should thank him/her. The best way to thank them is to honor their hard work and do not do anything that will harm the beauty of that place. Be a civilized human being and support those who think for us in many different ways.
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    This is definitely a matter of thoughtfulness that we should have concern for the people who are in the background of something which we like and adore like a garden or a place of tourist importance. There are many places where maintenance people work day and night and make our lives comfortable and pleasant. We should definitely have gratitude towards these people who are creating ambience everywhere and the public enjoys their hard work. Some people think that it is their duty and what extra they are doing for which we should thank them. It is not like that as they are doing menial works and getting a small salary. It is imperative that we have to be cordial and have good behaviour with them.
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    The author is right that a gardener should be complimented for beautifying the garden and making it look fascination to the visitors. People visit gardens to get rejuvenated and enjoy with near and dear ones. Dotted with a variety of flowers with different exotic plants, a gardener always works hard to grow them and welcome visitors in the beautiful garden. It would totally unfair if we don't credit the gardener for his or her efforts in shaping the park for visitors. I always encourage and credit these people who work to make these gardens beautiful.

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    Believe it or not when I was returning home while visiting the old city and on the way at the signal round about opposite to Police control room the garden was full of blooming chrysanthemum or Chamanthi flowers and it was the treat to the eyes while standing for few seconds for the signal. The gardener was watering the plants and I showed him thumps up for the work done and he bowed is head on receipt of my complement . It is our duty to say few words to those who work hard to maintain the greenery for us and they would do better for the sake of us in future.
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    When we see Tajmahal we remember the king who got it built. But we never think the architecture who designed that and the person who built that. Same is the case here also. The garden is good if it is maintained well. Who will maintain the garden? The gardener. So when we are enjoying the atmosphere in the garden we should thank the gardener who is maintaining that. The beauty of the garden comes with various flowers that are giving pleasantness to you. Like you, other people also want to enjoy the nature. If you spoil it they will be at a loss. That is why the person who maintains the garden will always tell you not to spoil the garden and not to pluck the flowers. One should take it positively.
    Always try to help people who are making you happy. Never be selfish and think about others also. Then you will take the action of the caretaker as positive only. All depends on your mindset.

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    It is always good to appreciate the people who are behind every work small or big. They have made it happen and it should be our basic courtesy to acknowledge and appreciate them time to time.
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