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    Do not make your mind like a dustbin.

    You must have seen some people many times that they are always unhappy and cry their grief in front of you. No matter how much you try to convince them, they do not believe that have anything good in their life.

    Such people will definitely be around you too. To some extent, it is good to help their people with their pain and sorrow because by doing this their mind becomes light and they feel relaxed. But when everyone comes and just tells you their grief and does not listen to your advice, then it is wise to slowly get away from such people.

    Because these people keep all the bad moments of their life and by telling you, again and again, you bring negativity in your mind. Being involved in such negative things always means that you are making your mind like a dustbin, in which someone is giving their negative experiences and thoughts and you are taking it. No matter how positive you think you are, but if someone talks negatively, your chances of negative impact on your energy also increase, so keep yourself as positive as possible.
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    There will always be people who want to pour out their grievances to other people. If we have patience and nothing else to do, we can listen and give our free advice.
    The author is a good writer and an active member of this platform with very good contributions. I have seen many of her threads describing other people's qualities that are not likable to others. I wish to see her author threads about people with good and likable qualities.

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    It is the fact that people does not share their happiness but ready to shell down their unhappy moments of life time and again with us in the hope to get a help or remedy from us. It may be causing concern for us and we may reach out to them once or twice. But they do not show the gratitude of help and keep on pouring their woes one after other This way they garner the attention often we too get bored and move away. It is the matter that we do give credence to others woes but that should not be continuous burden on us. of course we are not Sumai Thaangi or the burden takers of others because we have our own limitations and life to be within our limits. This those people do not understand and keep on bothering us now and then and seeing this others would also follow the same suit of approach.
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    There are people who are good and never vent out their problems to others. They will keep their problems inside and talk to other people politely. Some people may be like what the author described in this thread.
    I want to say you that hear somebody tells you something and if you can help them, help them and then forget about that issue. Don't keep such issues in your mind and go on thinking about that. Many people like to share their problems with other people but they never reveal the happy times they spend. All depends on the mentality of the people.
    But one thing is sure that we should not keep the unnecessary issues in mind and go on thinking about them. That will make you sick and you will always feel sad and you will never enjoy your times. The best thing is to erase such memories as early as possible.

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    Negative people create negativity around us so we should avoid such people who always think negative. Yes we have such people in our society who always cry and talk about their pain and loss only , they don't care about anyone they are bothered about themselves only .

    They just want attention of yours and want to get pampered or get help from you. Once in a while it is okay but when such person always expect support from you , you may also get some negative vibes and sometimes things get so worsened that you may think why should we always help or listen to the negative thoughts of these people .

    Such people actually want to disturb you and make your mind disturbed. Leave the company of such people and don't let them disturb your personal life and happiness. I personally listen to such people but not let my mind being much involved for them. I let my mind to think about them to a certain extent.


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    In one Tamil magazine a writer wrote that we use to clean our refrigerator at frequent intervals to keep the refrigerator maintenance free. Similarly we are dumping our mind with unwanted thoughts and if we don't clear such thoughts our mind will get polluted and leads to many diseases. To clear such thoughts we should meditate regularly.

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    These people who always cry before other others either intend to have their help or it is their habit or they hide something big secret. Generally, I see these people are highly cunning. They cry on the face of the other people but financially they are strong. They just want to get other people realised that they have no money or their income is quite hand to mouth. They are spending a very tough life. But if you see inside their life, they are hoarders of money.

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    It is our responsibility to keep our minds clean. Others will say many things to us, including their pains and sorrows but why should we carry them all the time? We have two choices here, either to help them so that they can get some relief or try to avoid them. We can avoid such people if we know it is their trait to nag others, otherwise, we can listen to them to help them out. Our minds can become a dustbin if we keep on pouring things in it which are not required. If we do not keep such things in our mind it remains free. So, if you can find a solution to anything find it but don't delay. If you keep such things in your mind thinking that when you are free you will look into them one by one then things will pile up and your normal activities will be hampered. So, keep things in your mind that requires your attention. Do not keep things in mind for brooding later.

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