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    We need to go a long way to produce quality products

    India has come a long way since 1991. Yet, there are glaring gaps between what could have been done and what is being done today. We are still a long way from producing world-class products. For example, we still do not have the capability to produce all-weather roads. These roads always crack when there is a good rain and this is seen in the national highways as well. For example, the stretch between Chennai and Ranipet on the Bangalore Highway was in such a pathetic condition; the Madras High Court came down so heavily to set right the pathetic condition. We see this everywhere. Yes, the metro network is superb in all metro cities. But the poorer clases just cannor enjoy these facilities.

    We still have a situation where only the filthy rich enjoy all the best and this extends to the services as well; how to rectify this situation needs a lot of debate and decision-making.
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    There has been demand for a quality products all along but we are habituated to ask for the same at cheaper rates. This attitude in us paved way for grade B quality and thus we are denied the quality A. Take example of cooking oil, there is a difference of quality between 5 liter jar than one liter pouch. Same way in Milk also there are so many varieties and the poor settle with ordinary milk. As regards to laying of roads are concerned , the contractors are fooling the govt as the depth of the road laid and the claim is also made for the length and width. But never the old tar is removed and the road relaid which would keep the road in tact. Even the cement road which guarantee to have the long life is getting path holes as the quality used were not good and there is no checking done on the highways when the works go on.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    As long as the network of corruption is spreading, nothing will be found in the name of quality. How many government schemes come with a cost of crores of rupees, but even after their completion, the situation is the same. There are only a few honest people left who want development from every low to the lowest of the country and society. Apart from this, corrupt people keep on staring at how the public can be deceived further by pretending to be quality. To improve this position, nothing will be done by mere discussions and movements, because it is a long chain in which many people are responsible. We will be able to get the right measure of quality only when everyone's cooperation is shared equally.

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    I would like to present this in two ways
    1) People point of view

    Corruption was there, is there and will be there always.But what as a citizen we do matters.When the quality of a product we buy is not good we argue.We shout at corruption and how politicians, government officials are corrupt.But during the right time i.e election we tend to vote for those who lure us with money, freebies etc.We can count the no of politicians who are coming into politics with a service mentality. Though we know they will serve well,we are not voting them to power.When people vote corrupt people, the system becomes more firmly corrupt.

    2) Politician/Govt servants point of view

    To be frank, why many people come to power is because of their traditional political roots.Another reason may be thirst for power and the sudden accumulation of wealth that would be enough for generations to live.Not only with politicians, but also with Govt officials. Young people coming with a great intent to serve are getting polluted and corrupt by the system and existing employees. Who don't like free money.
    Things getting started here continues throughout their Govt service and just by giving some commission to Politicians they are continuing it.A honest person on the other hand is seen as an incapable one and is scolded starting from family to relatives.

    "When in Rome do as the Romans do".Being small in number these honest people suffer mental, physical sufferings throughout their career and either resign from service or turning corrupt.

    Only when each and every person realize the importance of his power,how it is going to make a change to the common people then only corruption can be avoided.Waiting for that day

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    The author came out with a good thread. As mentioned by him we are not able to have quality products. This is not because we are not capable. It is due to the system which got corrupted. This corruption is more than a virus and there is no medicine for this. As long as these corrupt practices are there, the system will be like this only. We have to move with them.
    We can't make alone politicians responsible for this. The contractor wants to get the order. So he is ready to bribe the concerned. Wherefrom he will get the money? He has to generate from the funds the government is giving to him. Let all the contractors quote correctly and unitedly decided not to bribe anybody and see what will happen? But this will never happen? So let us come to the realities and do whatever we have to do correctly.

    always confident

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    The author has raised a good issue of why our country has not succeeded to produce a world-class product which may compete on an international level. I think India is capable enough to produce the best quality products and I am sure that our industrial sector produces such products. One person told me about his first visit to Pakistan. He told me that he went to Pakistan in the eighties. He thought to buy a watch, so he, along with his local relative, in whose home he was staying, went to a showroom where watches, manufactured in different countries, were available. He asked the person who was standing behind the counter to show him the best watch of your showroom. He said, " We have watches from Japan, Switzerland, U.S, South Korea and other countries, but you have asked me to show the best piece. So please see this watch. It's the best of all". And the watch which he placed on the counter before him was - HMT, Made in India.
    That person said to me, " I was wondered to see it. I was thinking that he might show me Richo or similar branded watch but he showed me HMT and I was amazed".
    As far as roads are concerned I think corruption is the main reason for this problem.

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    Unfortunately, these problems are not created today only. For last 73 years, we are struggling with these things but there is not much progress. Even if the central Govt makes rules and regulation for the country to get these things tackled properly, at the lower level the implementation is not proper. The state Govt also makes rules and regulations and guidelines but is really pity to see that at the execution level either there is rampant corruption or there is a lethargy to do good and progressive things. So, in such a situation the Govt money is all being mis-utilised by some of the people in big positions and the common man is suffering. It is no use simply blaming the Govt as many of us are responsible for this situation and until there is a improvement in grass root level nothing is going to happen and we will be going on talking theoretical points of discussions on all sort of issues and continue blaming the state or central Govt.
    Knowledge is power.

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