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    Who will decide what is common sense?

    We have often heard one thing from many people, whenever they speak to someone for work and if the person in front could not do that work in the way or according to their expectation then they have to say this, that you don't have common sense. Suppose a child is misplaced the glass after drinking water and keeps it in the wrong place, or if a subordinate employee makes a small mistake in front of his boss, it is said in both cases - you have no common sense.

    If seen, there are some basic needs and demands for every task and the same could be called common sense for that particular task. After all, what should be the definition of this word 'common sense'?
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    Common sense is nothing but doing the work with the precise procedures duly following all the rules and regulations that are laid down previously. For example if we do the parikaramas inside the temple that should be in clock wise direction and if some one attempts to do anti clock wise direction, people not only scold you for not using the common sense and also ask you to get away from the temple. We are in he society with the system following certain norms and rules and that is common for all and any deviation of the same would earn the wrath forth with. And the common sense is not the come on sense, that means we may not get the same urgently but we learn it over the course of time from the parents, elders, society and from different walks of life. Once we get perfect we are called the wise persons.
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    Common sense is the biggest sense. Even a scholar or scientist or any learned person can do mistakes and err in their judgements if they do not use common sense. Some people have more of it while others are still trying to have it by concentrating in their work for getting that precision and perfection which does not come from the text books but from the real life experience where common sense is used in many situations.
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    Common sense is a basic ability to perceive, understand, and judge any issue which happens in our daily life. Everyone who has a sound mind has this ability of common sense. However, the level of common sense may be different from person to person. Some people have a sharp mind, their common sense is also sharp. Some people are stupid, their common sense is dull and lazy to grasp the meaning of issues come before them. These people are called stupid because either their intelligence is not developed or they do not use their intelligence.
    In a psychological context, common sense is defined as "A proposition in a given context belongs to common sense if and only if all competent users of the language involved agree that the proposition in the given context is true and that its negation is false."

    Historically, Aristotle is known as the first person who described it as the ability with which animals (including humans) process sense-perceptions, memories and imagination to reach many types of basic judgments. In his scheme, only humans have real reasoned thinking, which takes them beyond their common sense.

    According to him animals also have the common sense to understand and perceive their issues. If a person does not use common sense he may be considered below par animals.

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    Common sense is nothing but doing small things the way it has to be done. When we see a teacher for the first time in the day we will say Good Morning. It is common sense. Nobody will teach us. We will understand by seeing others and understanding things.
    A famous Scientist wanted to go on tour for a few days. He has to lock the door of his house and go. But he has two cats. One is a big cat and the other one is a small one. He worried about the movement of these cats if he locks the door. So he decided to make holes in one of the walls. One big hole for the big cat and one small hole for the small cat. He called the mason and explained him to make two holes. The mason asked why two holes. The scientist explained. Then the mason told why the small hole separately. the small cat can also use the big hole. The scientist got annoyed. This is common sense.

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    Every person is having common sense in more or less proportions and only important thing is that one has to use it. In our working we often use complex and difficult methods and get the results of the problems encountered. Sometimes it is retrospectively seen that we should had done that quite simply if we had used some common sense instead of going for advanced methods. That is the beauty of common sense.
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    I doubt whether the examples cited by the author will actually fall within the purview of the term 'common sense'. Common sense is basically the inherent ability of a person to perceive, act and react to situations in a logical, practical and reasonable way which is acceptable to all in general. Acting according to individual perceptions cannot be called common sense. The behaviour of the person, his acts or words, must be generally acceptable or in other words, it should be such that any other prudent and reasonable person would react in the same way or say the same words. So when you ask who will decide what is common sense, I think the answer would be that it would be the majority that would decide what is common sense. The example of the scientist cited by Dr Rao rightly fits into the situation.

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